yougetwhatyoupayforHow many times have you heard: “you get what you pay for?”  I can remember my Grandma saying that time and again! We are not sure where the quote actually came from, but I am finding more and more people want value, a positive experience, and service. Isn’t that what everyone is in business to provide and deliver in a cost effective, excellent and timely manner?


I encounter this at times: “Sue, I love your company and the talent you represent, but we can’t afford you!”  Ever heard that, or said it to a someone else, maybe even me? When I hear it, I have to first think, “what are they really saying” before I respond. I have found in my many years of sales and marketing that usually it is not about the money at all!

People and companies can always find the money when their deepest desires are met! However, when hearing that statement how many of us will take the time to ask, “tell me more about why you feel that way” to see if we have even uncovered their deepest desire, or addressed it clearly enough? Or do we just smile, feel rejected or even say: “you get what you pay for” and walk away?

Building a business is all about relationships, knowing your target markets, and being willing and confident enough to do the best you can, overcome objections, and handle rejections well so you can move on no matter the choice of others!

Sue Falcone
Sue Falcone



Challenge for you: how do you handle objections and the feeling of rejection? It’s key to your success!



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