It’s easy to become overwhelmed when you are trying to launch your dream. Someone is always suggesting you join this or follow that, get a Facebook page or connect on another social network. You are told to comment here, post there, make a YouTube video, write an ebook, connect with groups, start a group and then of course there is:

Marketing, Branding, Communicating, Facilitating, Presenting, Revising, Developing, and on and on and on.

Business is never static but recently I listened to a great interview with Rita Davenport. Rita knows what it is like to pull yourself up by your bootstraps and she gets it. She gets the Number 1 thing it takes to make your dream happen.

She says, “You need to get Good At Something!

While this may seem like a no-brainer, it’s the ONLY thing that is really critical. All the activity you pursue to get your dream off the ground is useless if you are not really good at what you are doing.

All the connections, blogposts, comments, Facebook friends, videos, tweets and advertising will hardly make a dent in your business if you are not really Good at  it.

People will discover rather quickly that you don’t really know what it’s all about and that behind the great web design or thousands of friends, you really don’t know your stuff.

It’s great to be known but it’s more important to  be sure what you are known for you really KNOW.  (yes, I think you SHOULD tweet that!) 
You can have it all but not really unless people trust that you ARE the go-to person for the product or service they need because you DO  really know what you offer.

Don’t worry about how to reach your market, get more followers, how to write your first blog post, or even what to name your business until you have made sure that you’ve got G.A.S.

Concentrate on your skill development until you are comforable offering your expertise to someone else. 


Kathy Brunner

 by Kathy Brunner
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