bluesSome would say I am always blue, since my brand is teal blue and lime green; but inside I can get the “blues” just like you do! We are not perfect are we? But we can be better in this area of dealing with those emotions that would rob us of our greatness!

I know there are certain situations, things, and people that can trigger all of us to get down and give into those feelings of hopelessness and despair, especially at this time of year! But the good news is: it is your choice to stay there!

I really believe this quote by one of the most favorite people I was ever honored to meet and know; Barbara Johnson. She said: “we are too blessed to be stressed and she added or depressed” She faced some awful situations, as we all have, and came out the winner! 

Today I want to share with you MY 5 Key Things to help you when the blues come! 

  1. Count your blessings and laugh– I do this every day which keeps my mind focused on thankfulness and gratefulness, so there is no room to be stressed or depressed! Your thoughts are so important!  It’s really true you can’t be grateful and thankful at the same time as being sad and depressed! Also it will help bring laughter and humor back into your world! Laughter really is great medicine, and it’s free!
  2. Get Moving! I have to be physically active and move my body, my brain, and my mouth! No going back to bed, or sitting and focusing on that bad feeling for me!  I do my best to power walk 3-4 miles a day, Zumba once a week, and I love to dance! This is key to keeping our bodies well and our minds healthy! It’s hard to be sad when you are sweating and having fun! 
  3. Surround yourself with positive people! Jim Rohn said: “you are the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with.” Think right now, who are the 5 people you hang out with the most! Are they the right ones? What if your spouse or family are the culprits here? Now is the time to talk that out! Let them know you want the best for them and yourself, and make a new start to get on the positive road and not the other road! Communication is key!
  4. Read positive messages! It is said today most Americans do not read even one book a year! How sad! Is it any wonder the blues come in quickly! I am a life-long reader before I was ever a speaker and author.  I begin my day with books that will put positive thoughts into my mind! Isn’t it time to get back to reading?
  5. Involve Yourself with Others: Get involved in your community as a volunteer or at work!  I believe in making a difference in the lives of others and having fun doing it! I also believe to have success in our work life the same passion for people has to be present and alive! I love technology, but it never replaces people in my life! We are not created to be alone, we are in this together, and I value and cherish everyone that comes into my day! Go give away a smile and share a greeting this time of year! Also there are so many that are not as blessed as you are, and when you hear their challenges that creates the thankfulness and gratefulness message in your heart that chases away any blues that want to come in!

I wish for each of rich blessings during this holiday season, and I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New “YOU” Year, living without the sadness and pain that you can allow to come in; and which you know now is your choice!


“Simply” Sue Falcone is the founder and owner of “Simply” Sue Speaks! where she represents and books the best professional speakers, trainers, coaches, and authors on the Planet! They bring the “WOW factor to any event! Need a keynote speaker, seminar or workshop presenter for 2014? Contact Sue today at: or 888-766-3155.  







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