faith in businessOur business world today is a lot different than any of us have experienced before. Is there a way to preserve the faith we believe in and not be seen as a religious fanatic wanting to change everyone to what we believe? How do we stay out of the battle without alienating someone!

I am humbled to have had the opportunity to be mentored and trained by wise people like Zig Ziglar, John Maxwell, and Stephen Covey. Each of these men had different backgrounds and faith, but they all had one common theme that made their words and ways wise for everyone.

They learned and shared you have to “earn the right to be heard.” That means listening is more important than speaking, and living a life based on principals we all understand is key to having true faith in your life.

Social Media has opened a new way where more people than ever before can see who we are, what we believe, and how we live life!  I want to make sure I portray a respect of others, and even though I may not agree with their faith and lifestyle, I can accept them without endorsing how they choose to live and believe.

Faith plays a great part in my business, but I have found this to be so true:  “Your belief determines your action and your action determines your results, but first you have to believe.” Mark Victor Hansen. Many people today are not real sure and clear about what they personally believe, and in choosing that path may unfairly be seen as judging rather than serving.  

Some may say I have a weak faith, and am not true to the standards of tradition and teachings of it, while others say I focus on my faith too much in the ways I choose to handle my business and life! I have learned that no one is perfect, and that in business we can learn to communicate a sense of serving no matter what and handle each customer so that we are true to ourselves without losing our true identity and faith.

I love meeting and serving those who do not look like me, believe like I do, dress like I do, think like I do, or act like I do! I love their gifts and skills and I love helping to create an atmosphere of love and concern, and of a listening heart! Isn’t that how we build business relationships, and learn the art of communication with each other, no matter what their faith may be?

Recently I had a well recognized CEO of a major company ask me: “Do you think when I mention my faith in a blog, on my website, or a comment picked up in the media, that it offends many people?  My answer was, “why are you asking me this question?  Isn’t true faith doing what you think is appropriate, and then moving on without thought of who may be looking, or what they may think?”

Have a great week, knowing your faith is both public and private, but it is uniquely yours, and how you choose to live it matters only to who your belief is in, and all others have not “earned the right” to question it!

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