I am the least most likely person to create a Formula of Success in 2022! Why? Because when I think of the word formula it brings me back to a very challenging time in my life.

Growing up I loved learning! I was going into the 9th Grade and when picking my schedule chose to take Algebra 1. Math was a very difficult subject for me, but I felt I could learn it. 

Entering the class I was met by a tall, angry-looking teacher that introduced herself by saying: “not everyone is a fit for this class, and I will be the one who determines whether you stay or not!”  I thought that was a little rude but little did I know she was talking about me! 

After class, my teacher approached me and said I needed to come and see her after school that day! All-day long I wondered what she could possibly want and was a little apprehensive when it was time to meet her face to face! 

Stepping into the room she was waiting for me. She began by saying she had determined I was not capable of taking her class. She insisted I go the next day and drop her class and take general math instead. I was very shy and didn’t respond right away. 

I finally got the courage to assure my teacher I would work hard and I would not drop her class. She advised me that I would never pass her class and would have to repeat the grade level. I again stated I would not drop her class and I would pass her class and not have to repeat the grade. She looked surprised I would stand up to her and advised me not to expect any extra help from her. 

The decision I made that day set into motion my future! That year was a real challenge as she made an example of my mistakes. She would call me to the board to do formulas and equations and give me the hardest ones.

She made notes on my homework that I was not going to make it. Still, I continued to work hard knowing that my friends were cheering me on and that I was not going to let her get to me!

By Christmas, I had achieved a D- and assured her during Christmas break I would do the extra credit work to make up for the points I had lost. She was not happy but accepted the extra credit. By spring break I had brought my grade up to a “C” and my teacher assured me the hardest part of the class was approaching. She told me I would never make it! What an encouraging teacher! 

My other classes were really easy for me, which gave me extra time to make sure I could handle whatever my math teacher would throw at me.    

May came with finals that were long and hard. When the year ended I had achieved a C+ and could qualify to take Geometry in the 10th grade. My teacher was not happy that she had to pass me. She told me I would never be able to pass Geometry the following year. She also shared I probably would not amount to much in life. But I proved her wrong on all accounts!

The following year I made all A’s including Geometry and would go on to earn a college scholarship. I was the first one in my family to do so! Looking back that was the turning point in my life!

I knew I was going to succeed and have never looked back. Later on, I wrote a “thank you” note to this teacher for the life lessons I learned in her class. She never responded.

Until this week I have not thought about formulas and equations much.  My field of expertise was not focused on math. When working on plans and setting goals for the new year, I realized they were big! I knew I needed to have a visual formula of what it would take to meet and exceed them! 

I laughed out loud when I saw what I had written: r3  = Results! How long had it been since I had even thought of equations and here I was formatting one! In our formula of success we are not using numbers but words; so I began to think about what it would take for us to succeed.  

I am sharing my formula of success with you today as we are ready to enter into a New Year! These are not New Year’s resolutions; these are actions that must be in place and done daily to achieve the results we need. WHY? Because we plan on celebrating next year the success of making our formula work!   

  Routine + Resilience + Remarkable = Results


r3  = Results

How did I choose these words and what do they mean? First, I wanted to keep it simple so they could easily be put in place! Then I looked at our business plan and what systems and processes I had to have in place to meet our everyday needs.

The following words jumped out at me! To finish my formula all I had to do was place the needed actions under the right word! This was not as hard as having to pass Algebra 1.

Routine-It includes hours of work, what is to be delegated to others or done by me. I knew I needed to add my personal time so that I could keep balanced; knowing the journey will be harder the further we go.  It focuses on having a detailed plan in place to handle the systems and processes workload. 

Resilience– This is our “Word of the Year” chosen by our entire team and in doing the research it means so much more than the definition, which is: the ability to become strong, healthy, or successful again after something bad happens.  This is key to overcoming distractions, rejections, and staying positive. I have already affirmed to myself and others that, we will not give in, give up, or Quit!

Remarkable– The definition of Remarkable is: something unusual, extraordinary, or worthy of attention.  In choosing our brand name: Remarkable is who we say our talent is. Remarkable is also the “WOW” factor that enables us to give an amazing customer experience, live out our purpose, and show how important loving, serving, and caring for our clients and talent is.  

Results- We know when we follow our formula of success; which are the action items, personal service, and the way we do business, that we will achieve not only the financial goals but our other goals of talent satisfaction, client satisfaction, social responsibility, and support of our designated corporate sponsorships too.

Can you see that having a formula of success in place could be important to you? Perhaps it is already there, just as mine was, you just haven’t written it down yet!

Have a Remarkable New Year!