Is life getting so crowded that it is time to step back, take an honest good look at your goals and how you spend your days, and be ready to push the “delete” button? 

Life is to be lived to the fullest and with a zest for the good things, and not wait for something tragic to happen to make us “wake up!”

Many want to separate their business world from the personal, and then wonder why things are not working out as they expected! 

There are many things facing all of us, but are you willing to join me and live a fulfilling and abundant life?

According to Dr. Sasha Vukelja,  (born in the former Yugoslavia, who has survived refugee camps, deportation, imprisonment, hiding, scraping out a living anyway she could to: come to America, serve in the U.S. Army where she became a doctor and is now an Oncologist practicing in Houston, Texas, and is the author of best seller- “Seeds From My Patients”)

“people who live fulfilling lives tend to have these 5 characteristics in common”:

• Gratitude

• An ability to love and be loved

• Zest for life

• Spirituality

• Curiosity

These can all be developed when you are willing to “delete” some things out of your busy life to pursue them!  Today what do you need to delete to live the fulfilling life you have dreamed of? 

“Simply” Sue 

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