Welcome to Dr. Michael Woodward, PhD, known as “Dr. Woody” to our team of professionals here at “Simply” Sue Speaks!  

He is known as the Dr. Phil or Dr. Oz of  work life! Appearing regularly on the Today Show and weekly on the Fox Business Channel, Dr. Woody brings solutions to the issues of life in the workplace!  As a leadership and workplace expert with extensive experience as a coach, consultant, and author, Dr. Woody works with both private and corporate clients with a mission to help managers, executives, and employees create a healthier more balanced work environment by helping them understand the psychology behind effective management, leadership, and team work.

Here is a recent clip of a Today Show appearance for you to see him in action!

[youtube id=”NPYrSEU4ZO0″ mode=”normal” maxw=”350″ align=”center”]

To have Dr. Woody at your next event contact www.simplysuespeaks.com or sue@simplysuespeaks.com.

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