badhairdayI know white or grey are not my fashion colors, and that goes for hair too!  I choose to do my own color, and have always made it work; till this week!  I went to buy my favorite brand and they were out of my shade!  But another brand I hadn’t used before had the same shade and looked the same on the box, so off I went! What a mistake! I ended up not with auburn hair, but orange! I know for some it could look great, but not on me!  So I had to meet clients with orange hair till I could get it back to normal!

Does that ever happen in your business? You have a plan, and you have goals to meet the plan, but something or someone blocks your way and you choose to take a another path that doesn’t  turn out well! What do you do? Give up and say it will never be the same again and quit? Or do you go back to your original plan, see what you can learn from taking the wrong path, and begin again with excellence as the focus and complete the journey?

Today I fixed that color! Is it back the same?  Close, but I learned I cannot substitute something else for what is working and listen to others and myself thinking it will turn out with the same results!

I just heard, a large company in our area is changing their management team- it will be the fourth time in six months!  Looks like they have made an Oops! and got the wrong color, and still haven’t been able to learn from it!

Hope today on this Thankful Thursday that you know how to learn from your Oops! and begin again on your journey to success!




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