magical coinMeet Dr. David Calhoun, a unique Corporate Magician and Entertainer! Currently he is enjoying the marvelous city of Paris, but he left a Magical Musings for us to enjoy and put into place!

We all know about the four “P”s of marketing: Price, Product, Place, and Promotion, but Master Magician David has added a 5th for us to consider: PURPOSE!

Comparing it to one of his magic coins, Dr. David shares what side one of the coin of purpose contains in regards to your business and customers!

Never before have I seen a Master Magician have such rich business content in addition to being able to fascinate, captivate,  and mesmerize his audience with his sleight-of-hand, and humor!

Dr. David Calhoun certainly brings the #WOWfactor to any event, click here  to book Dr. David Calhoun  for your next event!david-calhoun


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