tshapedBeing a “T-shaped” person is fast becoming the hot “topic” for the future of our workplace and life as an entrepreneur and small business owner. But have you heard much about it?

When you hear “T-shaped” what picture comes to mind first? Does deep and wide pop right away? The recruiting industry has started looking extensively into the skill sets that will be needed in the future workplace. They are finding more and more they need people who can do bigger things and think more broadly. The work of the future needs people who have the depth of expertise and skills represented by the vertical part of the “T”, while the crossbar of the ” T” represents the amount they are willing and able to collaborate and share!

Quite a different look, than our normal way of thinking about our work as an individual isn’t it? “T-shaped” people are well-rounded and versatile. They are able to contribute and take on a variety of roles without being “assigned” them as in the workplace now! This will open new mindsets, and focus on how people will be compensated, promoted, and given development to be able to transform organizations!

The skill sets needed to be a  “T-shaped” person are: adaptable/versatile, communicate effectively, multi-cultural awareness, entrepreneurial, intrapreneurial, team player, problem solver, self-motivated, disciplined, critical thinker, collaborative, and have a mindset of being your own CEO.  Sound like an impossible task to make these changes?  Looks that will give my company and many more a new target market to help you step into the workforce of tomorrow!

Are you excited about the future? I am! I love to work, and I want to make a difference. I know I will have to be a “T-shaped” person, but looking back, I think I always have been one, how about you?

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