studentsDo you know what the 3 Key Secrets to living the life you want are? Take a minute and challenge yourself, and see what you come up with!  I would love to hear your comments!

Recently I was asked to speak to an awesome group of High School sophomores and juniors who were graduating from a 2 year program of service sponsored by their local Chamber of Commerce! They had learned and demonstrated great skills and abilities, and had served their community well! My challenge was to motivate them into their successful futures and help them continue this experience of service into their daily lives, in 30 minutes or less!

Normally I am booking other speakers instead of myself;  but this was an honor and a joy to do! I had met a lot of these students, and it would help me keep connected to what I promote, and be a great experience of seeing how the 6 Generations in the Workplace communicate with each other!

When I arrived that day I found not only the students, but their parents, friends, town officials, and Chamber members. I love crowds and  I was “in my zone” and ready for a great time!

I knew I had just seconds to get them involved. My first message was to give them permission to Tweet, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and take notes on any device they chose!  They agreed to keep their ring tones down, so I wouldn’t want to stop and listen to their music!

I gave them the challenge as I did to you, to share what the 3 secrets were!  They had great points and ended up complimenting what I had in mind all along!
Here are the 3 Secrets and how to live them out loud every day!

  1. Know Who You Are- I’m talking about the ‘real” you when no one is looking! This is key because it will help you avoid comparing yourself to others, and help you develop your strengths rather than wasting time working to improve your weaknesses! How do you know the “real” you? By accepting, loving, and believing in yourself without wishing to be someone else. Learn to not let your “imperfections” (and we all have them) become your identity! Learn to be comfortable in your own skin and in turn will help others be comfortable with you and overlook everything else!
  2. Have a Positive Attitude- Your mind is a funny thing, isn’t it? What you put in it is what you become. Having a positive attitude is a choice, and begins the moment you wake up each day! How is it possible to keep a positive attitude in this negative world? It’s important to choose the right things to read, such as this #1 Best-seller: “Work Positive in a Negative World” by Dr. Joey Faucette.  Other choices are watching what you view on TV and YouTube, and how you see yourself as a valuable person. Fear, doubt, worry, and discouragement are all around, but positive information and faith will guide you in overcoming the negative and face life with a smile and seek solutions and not excuses!
  3. Choose Carefully Who You Surround Yourself With- Jim Rohn says: “You’re the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.”  If this is true, isn’t it worth making sure you make the right choices of whom you spend your time with? Right now as you read this think of the 5 people you spend the most time with! Are they positive and uplifting? Do they know who “they” are? Do they build you and others up, not down? Is it possible you might need to make some changes?

See how these fit together in the daily adventure of life? To have a life you want means to share, care, volunteer, and serve. It’s not about you at all! You are already unique and special, you need to keep focused on knowing and living who you really are, keeping a positive attitude, and surrounding yourself with the right people!

Amazingly I saw these students and others writing down what I was sharing, and afterwards they were still talking more about their how’s and what they planned to do in their lives! I saw the future of our nation, future leaders, and future families represented there, and I am so thankful their parents, friends, and community leaders got to see it too!

I left there with reinforcement for my life, and a picture which you see above, of those students as they begin a new chapter in their lives! Are you ready to begin a new day of living your life out loud knowing the 3 secrets that will make it happen?
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