Speakers, what is your Social Media strategy?  Don’t have time to learn, engage, or see the value in it for you? 

I can assure you this is where your audience is, and they are waiting to hear and engage with you!  This leads to you: “being heard and seen in 2013.”

The reviews are in: it is clear more speaking leads are generated by those who have chosen to engage consistently on Social Media than those who do not. 

Social Media is here to stay, and the question is when do you want to get in on it?

No need to delay, here are some easy ways for you to begin.   Decide on your target market, where they are found on Social Media, and learn the unique skills on how to approach them. Set a daily time limit to spend developing this market, it’s not about you, it’s all about them!! Track your results and see the benefits.

If you feel you cannot possible get into this stream, you can hire someone to do it for you.  But know they will ask you to get involved personally at times too!

Welcome to a new world of engaging and building a relationship with your potential audience before you even get to meet them!

Have a great Social Media week!

“Simply” Sue- Owner of “Simply” Sue Speaks!

Represent. Promote, Market, the best Speakers,

Trainers, Life Coaches, and Authors on the Planet!








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