It is said fear is “false evidence appearing real,” but sometimes it sure feels real doesn’t it? Is it possible in your professional and personal lives to face and overcome whatever is keeping you from living your dreams and becoming happy and successful?

I say it is!  But how do you begin? Andy Horner, Co-founder and CSO of Premier Designs Inc. shares: ‘after being in business for over 40 years and having been through six recessions, America may be down, but we don’t have to be!”  His keys to overcoming your fears and doubts are: “1. Trust God. 2. Know you have something to offer. 3. Don’t listen to negative talk. 4. Serve and care. 5. Give without expecting anything in return. 6. Believe you can do it. 7. Keep working no matter what happens: you’ll be glad you did!”

Sounds like a great plan for this Monday morning, ready to join me in following this wisdom from an amazing business leader who lives this, even at 89 years old?

Have a great week!

“Simply” Sue