Tip of the Day: Speakers, it’s time to decide how much and to whom you will be speaking at no charge (Pro Bono) each month in this New Year of 2013. Once that is done, now all else you agree to do is set at your fee.

Why? Because this is the key that will enable and encourage you to be honest and confident when quoting the fees you charge to Speak! No more guilt or apologizing why you can’t speak free 6 times a day!  It also helps those who really want you to be their speaker, know there will be a fee.

It will make your business and life easier, and you will be helping other Speakers know they can do the same.  It’s time to go from FREE to FEE and this is the beginning step!

Remember: Our industry is not all about the fees, however, you are: “worthy of hire” and you have to put “gas in the car.”

“Be heard and seen in 2013.”

“Simply” Sue

Owner of “Simply” Sue Speaks! providing Professional Entertaining Speakers, Trainers, Life Coaches, and Authors for your next Local, Regional, National, and International events.