topsailbeachAt least once a year I am happy to head to our favorite beach, Topsail Beach, in North   Carolina.  As the owner and CEO of a growing business, I find it hard to completely detach myself completely, but I know it is necessary to catch up with “me” and renew, refresh, and review my business goals and plans in the backdrop of the ocean.

This is where I can take the time to see what is really going on, and revive my energy and plans for a lifetime of joy, peace, and contentment. That is key to my company that I continue to have the passion and joy to love what I do, be at peace in making decisions and building relationships, and be content to live in the moment! Quite a tall order in todays’ frantic pace, isn’t it?

In my business it seems to all happen at once, and I have to be prepared to allow myself to get away but still keep in touch for the immediate needs that may need my attention.  I have found some great automated ways of doing that, and also have wonderful people in place that keep me running smoothly.

But the one major thing I face when choosing to get away for a few days is the feeling of guilt that I should be working and doing something.  I have had to face it all my life, but as a recovering “workaholic:” I have come to see that it is not the number of hours that you work that creates your value and worth, but rather what you produce in the normal hours that matters.  Quite different from the way of thinking we have in place today isn’t it?

I am grateful for a wonderful family that lets me continue to do what I love with no boundaries, and have even joined me, so that we can both work and get away together!

My work style and choice of how I make it happen, may not be what you would choose in life, but I am thankful and grateful to represent awesome speakers, and to do the best to find and book them at the events that they need and want, and keep it all going even when I chose to get away.

Is it time for you to face your guilt and take time to get away?  You will be glad you did!

Have fun!

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