new year new youI have been wishing you a Happy New “YOU” Year for a couple of weeks now, and everyone is asking me, what do you mean?

I always want to be growing, learning, and living in my personal and professional life, don’t you? To accomplish that we have to step back take a good look at where we are, decide where we want to go, and put into place decisions and choices that will get us there!

That is where I found myself going into 2014: Where am I, where do I want to go, and how am I going to get there! I am hearing many of you are in the same place!

On this second Saturday of the New Year I challenge you to take a look at where you are in your personal and professional life, and celebrate it! Make a list, write it down, or put in on that new Tablet or iPad! See the good!

I am sure you will find you have accomplished much, and are living a blessed life, even if it’s not all you would like it to be!  Give yourself a treat! Read a good book, take a look at the play-offs today without feeling guilty, do some decorating, exercise, call someone you have been meaning to connect with, or go somewhere close that is new to you. Enjoy today whether by yourself, with family, or with friends!

See you next Saturday, right here for the next step in the awesome adventure of having a Happy New “YOU” Year! Remember, as Scott McKain shares: “It’s never too early, or never too late to make changes.”  No New Year’s Resolutions for me, this is a process not a “microwave moment” and it will last.

Have a great week!

HappyNewYOUYear“Simply” Sue Falcone as Wife, Mom, Grandma, Friend, Relative, and Small Business Owner, realizes how blessed her life is. As an over-comer she has faced head-on the fears of insecurity, abuse, obesity, financial ruin, being driven by pride and ambition, and won! But she knows this is not all there is for her, or for you either! Are you ready for a New “YOU” Year?




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