Hey, this is Meridith Elliot Powell. And this week I’m coming to you from Orlando, Florida. And I want to talk a little bit about sales and about price. It is a tough market out there right now. Can feel a lot like customers are price sensitive, but, you know, they’re only price sensitive if price is all they believe that you have to offer. See, your job as a sales professional is to tell what I call “the Paul Harvey syndrome”. The rest of the story, if any of you are old enough to remember Paul Harvey. Paul Harvey used to be a radio personality that used to tell us a story in a way that he helped the best part for the end so that we would stay engaged until the end of the radio half hour or hour, or whatever it was. It’s the same for us as salespeople. See, when I am buying a product from you, I’m trying to decide not only if I should buy from you, but why I should pay what you’re asking. And so as a sales professional, you have to help me understand everything that’s involved in that price. And if you’re charging more, you need to be able to explain why you’re more than your competitor, not only why you’re more than your competitor, but why that more has value to the customer. See, people will pay more. I believe even in a tough economy, they’re more likely to pay more, but they need to understand the rest of the story. So as a sales professional, think about it this way. What’s the risk if they don’t buy from you? And what’s the value? What do they gain if they do? If you can explain the risk and the value, you are going to take price off the table and you are going to turn all of this uncertainty into a major competitive advantage.