So glad on this Thankful Thursday we can reveal there is a solution to the “exposure” myth, and you can, as the professional  speaker you are, go from “Free to Fee.”  It’s good to hear that you have come to know you are worthy and deserve to be paid. Yes, you do many great events at no charge, but you get to chose those based on your time, passion, and the needs of your family and your business.

The tough part is how do you say no when offered a wonderful opportunity simply because you will have to pay for it with no definite promise it will give you what you need to justify the expense?  

The answer lies in your audience. If they are paying to see and hear you, then a fee is to be negotiated. If you are worthy enough to be asked to speak in front of a “paying” audience, then the only way you can accept is by setting your fee, and sticking with it.  It takes practice, but so worth it so that you will feel good at all events on your calendar. 

Jeff Hurt, Executive VP at Velvet Chainsaw Consulting, says it so clear: “It’s time for organizations to stop trying to secure free professional speakers and start budgeting for good audience experiences.”  

Another reason you should set the guidelines clear and simply, is that until you begin to say no to the “free for exposure”  other speakers coming behind you will be put into the same situation, and think they have to accept it too. 

My true story example gained quite some attention! Lots of people were shocked that major organizations, companies, non-profits, and church groups think it is perfectly all right to charge registration fees and then not pay the very ones that will draw the crowds to come to their event.  Do the math, it simply doesn’t add up!

So glad we could solve this mission together, and now remember: “You are worthy of hire, and deserve to be paid, and do not feel guilty for saying ‘no, thank you’ when you are asked to speak for the “exposure” only! 

Have a great week-end!

“Simply” Sue


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