On February 22, 2014, I had the honor of offering a keynote lunch chat to about 300 people who attended the Southern Entrepreneurship In The Arts Conference at UNC-Greensboroimg026.

I was once again humbled by the positive response .

The idea was to “Orchestrate Your Creative Future based on three ‘C’s’: Connect, Collaborate and Create.

But there was also an obvious ‘G’ in the room and that was ‘Gratitude’.

Here’s a sampling of what was in my inbox, after the conference.

Hi Carol,

I really enjoyed your joyful approach as the lunch keynote speaker at the SEA Conference UNCG Saturday.  It was a pleasure to meet you personally (as briefly as it was…) and I look forward to building a creative relationship with you in whatever direction that takes.

Paula C SnyderSoulfully Nostalgic Music with a Modern Flair

Feb 25 at 10:20 PM

Hi! I don’t know if you remember me but we met at the arts conference last weekend (I was with Alexandra dal Moro who you had met before at some point) and I’d just like to say that your speech was so fantastic and uplifting and I was so happy I could experience it 🙂 

-Annie Astraikis

Greetings Carol,

Thank you for your Phenomenal Presentation Saturday!!! I appreciate our creative conversation, your “Real Talk” and I am looking forward to making my Splash and Staying connected with you!!! 

Love & Light, Nadirah Goldsmith, Visionary, Writer & Producer

It didn’t end there! I gained new followers on Twitter and Facebook, loaded up on pictures from Instagram and made lasting connections on LinkedIn.

Lesson learned from the conference:photo 11621935_636057689781550_208590507_nphoto 4

Kind words and notes translated into a wonderful week of smiles and memories, despite  my joining my family the following day for my 88-year old uncle’s funeral.

The power of gratitude alwaysballoons into bigger things.

Your gratitude turned into mygratitude for smiles that surfaced through tears.

My family was the benefactor as we shared this experience leading to stories of joy about my uncle.

The seed of gratitude grows and spreads exponentially.

So why not make it a key part of your business model?

I recently visited a restaurant in my town and found myself watching the wait staff.  We were in just after an obvious lunch rush, but there was so much joy on their faces.

We felt welcomed and appreciated for our patronage and it looked like everyone in my direct line of vision felt the same. We were more than happy to say “Thanks” both verbally and monetarily.

Those small business owners have a gem of a staff and I have to believe that it is because this staff feels appreciated for the jobs they do.

I know it means that my family and I will be repeat customers!

Words of affirmation like “Good job!”,. “Thank you”, and  “Wow, you really didn’t have to do that, but I’m so glad you did!” go a long way in spreading good will and building relationships.photo 3

Isn’t that what successful business is all about?  Get into the cycle of gratitude my friends and watch your business grow!

Let me begin by once again thanking organizers of the Southern Entrepreneurship of the Arts Conference for inviting me and for all the open-hearted participants who reminded me once again that “Kindness Counts!”

Carol Andrews

As a Speaker, Journalist, TV Media Personality, Corporate Trainer, Author, Blogger, “Carol is the ‘real deal’ shares Anne Wear, former News Producer at WGHP Fox 8.

As a speaker and coach, Carol Andrews takes a common sense approach, laced with laughter, to inspire and help people of all ages to be their best. From children to CEO’s, she has helped audiences find tailored solutions to often difficult subject matter.

Seen by thousands as week-end News Anchor on WFMY-Channel 2- Greensboro, NC and currently writing her next book, Carol says the key to success is: Be Grateful, Be Respectful, Be Kind, and Be Willing to Laugh!

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