How low can you go?  To what depths will you sink in order to get some peace around the house?  Let me confess a few of mine, and as you think about it, you can tell me some of your “tricks” to create a more pleasant atmosphere at your abode or wherever you want some peace.

DOGS.  When your husband and children are all going to be out of the house for a while simultaneously, and your dog gets all needy because no one is petting him or paying attention, my idea is to feed him so much cool stuff, like pizza crusts, end cuts of the loaf bread, and treats, that he slips into a food coma.  Sounds like abuse, but haven’t we all at least thought about it?!?

KIDS.  They’re harassing each other, whining, and otherwise bothering each other and you.  One of my friends tried the following when she and her husband wanted a little alone time:  she threw 99 pennies out in the yard.  The magic?  She told the kids that there were one hundred pennies in the yard for them to find.  Then they could spend it on candy at the store later.  Mean, huh?  But it worked!  It took those kids forever to find the 99 and also the other 1 that actually didn’t exist.

My mother’s tactic:  when I began to get restless during a sermon at church on Sunday, my mother would hand out one M & M candy at a time to me, whispering to me to just let them melt in my mouth.  Sounds original, but the package itself says:  “Melts in your mouth, not in your hands.”  I would stay quiet, and to this day, I get a pound of the chocolate bliss called M & Ms every Christmas, as a reminder of the good old days…or maybe, a reminder to not talk so much?

HUSBANDS.  I am convinced that my husband should go to an evening Bible study on whatever day of the week that my favorite ‘chick’ programs come on TV.  OR, he could just go out with the guys.  He also could visit his relatives – but, they live 15 hours away.  Just do something!  Away from the house!  I want to be alone!

The best news I can share is that, sometimes, alone time just happens.  When you least expect it, the dog is snoring, the husband is somewhere, and the kids are both at a sleepover, or at least a play date.  My best advice is…be ready!  Gather your unread magazines, your gourmet chocolates, your TV remote, your bunny slippers, and favorite mug.  Keep them in a pretty basket, ready to pull out and use “for such a time as this.”  That last phrase is from the Bible, and alone time is guaranteed to make you feel like you’ve died and gone to heaven.

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