This is one of my favorite holidays that we celebrate, how about you? Isn’t it exciting to look back on our history and the traditions of Thanksgiving? Beginning in 1621 until now, we have given thanks to God for our blessings and our country, and celebrated with others, thus the name Thanks+giving!

What an amazing time to reflect and see how blessed we really are! Here at Remarkable! A Speakers Bureau, founded in 2009, we have experienced many changes. But it has been an incredible journey of business growth, resilience, expansion, and we are honored to get to work with the best talent on this planet and book them with our awesome clients.

During the recent challenging times, which all the world faced; we were determined to not give in, give up, or quit, and we even expanded our company! We knew we would “bloom and boom” again and to further confirm that, watch for our BIG News to be announced on Tuesday, November 30th!

So thankful to create with others a thriving and growing company that remains debt-free and gives back to others through our support of local and national endeavors that help people throughout our world. This really portrays the living message of Thanks + giving!

Our challenge for you: what are you thankful for and how are you giving as we approach Thanksgiving Day 2021? Take a moment to reflect, and share it with others and surround yourself with those who are thankful and grateful to be living in such a great country.

And remember “the best is yet to come!” (a quote I first heard from my mentor, Zig Ziglar!)

From all of us here at Remarkable! A Speakers Bureau, we wish you a very Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!

Sue Falcone is the founder and CEO of Remarkable! A Speakers Bureau. She has decades of experience from every side of the event-planning experience as a former corporate executive, professional speaker, best-selling author, and now booking the talent she represents. She is a sought-after Podcast guest and global panelist, sharing her experiences as an industry expert and successful business owner! Contact Sue at 888-766-3155 or

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