Christmas time can be filled with many hassles and hurts. The very first one involved a young engaged woman, Mary, and a man, Joseph, who chose to believe her and God for their future together. In their culture he took a risk and believed what God said, rather than obey the law of man.

They had to go through a lot of hassle to become the earthly parents of the King of Kings, Jesus; but look how God worked that out for them and us too!

As we remember what God sent through that couple to us; does that bring hope to you? Or do you let the many hurts in your life rob you of the joy that God has in store for you?

“God provides help for every hassle but not always in our timing. Pain and hurt doesn’t go away just because of a holiday.”

Mary was rejected, Joseph had to do many things to protect his family; but in the end they learned life’s greatest lesson: Never Quit!

I rediscovered Christmas this year; thanks to a great friend, and awesome servant, Pastor Jake Thornhill. The quotes are his and were used to instill in me hope for a New Year; and perhaps will do the same for you!

I am a hot tea drinker and this year was no exception. I found some new flavors, and ways to make my favorites even better. I like to drink my tea slow, and savor each sip. As I experienced those moments through the hustle and bustle of what has become our celebration; I thought about what Christmas really means for my future and how it can impact yours too.

What is the truth of Christmas to you in your world? Does it give you hope? Let’s see as you grab a cup of hot tea and sip along with me.

C– The Christ child came over 2000 years ago. To be born of a virgin, with lots of risks, to give us hope and a future. Do you believe that as Mary and Joseph did?

H– Have the hassles and hurts shown themselves in full force this year? Are you willing to trust and obey and Not Quit, even though life brings them?

R- There are many risks we take in life. Are you willing to risk everything for the truth that Jesus is who He said He is, the only way to Heaven, and you can live a great life now?

I- Are you interested in the things of God or only the things of this world and what others tell you?

S- Do you admit that you are not perfect and that sin seems easy, if you let it be in control?

T- Have you taken time to get to know and love God and develop a real personal relationship with Him?

M- Does God matter in your life? Are you willing to give Him all your hassles and hurts?

A- Have you allowed the truth of Christmas to be your truth of life?

S- Do you see the true meaning of Christmas? Are you waiting for the soon return of Jesus?

2012- What kind of year did you have? Was it filled with adventure, excitement, hope and joy? Or was it one of your worse ones ever?

A lot happened to me in 2012. Instead of continuing on as a one person business called “Simply” Sue, a writer who speaks;  I took a leap of faith 6 months ago and formed a company.

I now have the awesome responsibility of representing, promoting, and being the agent for 12 awesome speakers, trainers, life coaches, and authors to you our audiences.  I thank all our clients for their faith and belief in our ability to: “bring the “WOW” factor to your next event.

As we approach the New Year of 2013, we need to remember: “God does not offer us a hassle free and hurt free life; but He does offer us a Hope filled one through faith in Jesus Christ.”

As I finish my last sip of tea I ask you, What do you believe? I am so glad that God did not make this hard and complicated. He said: “cry out to me, (which is praying to Him and really meaning it with all your heart), and I will listen, hear, and show you what I have for you.”

God certainly has blessed me this year, and I know He has the same thing waiting for each of us in 2013. Are you willing to cry out and let Him in?

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!

“Simply” Sue Falcone

 Known affectionately as “Simply” Sue,  I have climbed over seemingly insurmountable obstacles of fear in my life to become the owner of “Simply” Sue Speaks!

I have discovered that God wastes nothing in our lives … not the good, the bad or the ugly. I walked away from the stress and structure of corporate life and found that the skills I learned and life experiences I lived were only preparation for a deeper calling now as the owner of “Simply” Sue Speaks! where I represent and provide speakers, trainers, life coaches, and authors for your next events!    “Be heard and seen in 2013.”

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