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Disruption: The New World of Work!

We are in a brawl with few rules, where the fast, adaptive, and those moving quickly will remove the slow, over-thinking, and complacent. In the past, change was sporatic, lasting for only a short time, and gradual.  Now, change is constant as business, technology, and society itself continue to evolve at an unprecedented pace that will only accelerate. Talent, ideas, speed and distinction are keys to winning in the New World of Work.

Individuals, teams, and organizations that fail to develop a distinct ‘brand’ and separate themselves from the pack in this New World of Work will find themselves vulnerable, uncomfortable, and at the mercy of other people, events, or the competition. The waters of change are unnerving for many. But the fact is they will only become more turbulent. For organizations and employees who are unprepared, the future will be devastating.

Employers, customers and clients (external and internal) have an abundance of choices today. What would draw someone to you? What makes you different? What are you doing to leverage these forces in order to grow, adapt, innovate, and thrive in the future?

For individuals, say hello to the age of self-determination. The days of 25-35 years with one employer and a gold watch retirement are long gone. The era of ‘entitlement’ is history.

Today it is about your ability to effectively answer these  4 questions:
1. Who are you? What makes you distinctive in this ‘sea of sameness?’
2. How are you dramatically unique or different?
3. How do you make a significant difference, or create an astonishing overt benefit?
4. What is/are your reason/s why anyone should believe in you? Convince me!

What will it take for a team or department to avoid the possibility of being ‘outsourced’ or eliminated? Staying competitive, streamlined, flexible, and innovative is paramount in the New World of Work. Teams and departments are coming under intense scrutiny. Can the work be done faster, cheaper and better on the outside? Savvy leaders know they must adopt new strategies and innovate to stay ahead.

Please internalize this – Individuals, teams, departments and organizations are depreciating assets. What made us successful in the past is not the ticket to the success in the future. You are a depreciating asset…
AND, You must invest…
AND, You must have a renewal investment plan…
AND, That plan must be formal…
AND, You must schedule routine personal, team and departmental
‘Brand You’ audits.
Create a CAUSE, not a business.

Mike Evans, Award-winning Speaker and Author has developed a unique perspective from his experiences of working alongside world-renowned thought leaders, and speaking and consulting for International Fortune 500 companies.  Mike’s style is engaging, upbeat, entertaining, thought provoking, compelling, and most importantly educational, relevant and impactful! Individuals, teams and organizations yield immediate results by applying what they learn. His personal mission is to help individuals, teams and organizations accelerate their ability to achieve more than they ever believed possible. Clients describe him as inspiring, motivating and a ball of energy with an unequaled focus and passion for helping them achieve their desired results. To have him at your next event contact 888-766-3155 or click here Book Mike Evans

If Astronauts Can Access Email, So Can You

I silently read the electronic response multiple times, seconds after it hit my inbox

“I will be out of the office today and will have limited or no access to email.”

After receiving three identical retorts from different message recipients in a single hour, I could take it no more. I hit ‘reply’ to a business associate in Washington and began typing:

“I had no idea you had left the earth’s atmosphere. Please respond when your spacecraft returns. And tell NASA to pony up some bucks for ‘in-shuttle Wi-Fi.’”

NASA, it turns out, has already done so. Just ask retired U.S. navy captain and astronaut Scott Kelly, who logged 520 days in space – 340 consecutively – before permanently returning to earth last year. Even from the International Space Station, Kelly was always connected.

“We could access our ground email, work or personal,” Kelly said. “People wonder how it’s possible to get email in space. I find this odd. Satellite communication is part of our everyday lives and the ISS is a satellite.”

Astronaut Scott Kelly could eat carrots AND check email in the International Space Station

If Kelly can receive emails while hovering 240 miles above the earth, then it is time to retire the bald-faced “limited or no access to email” lie that accompanies the convenient auto-reply feature we utilize when we wish to free ourselves from the burden of answering messages. At the very least, let’s replace it with a choice of more truthful statements:

  • “I am on vacation; therefore, I will not be getting back to you. That’s why it’s called a ‘vacation.’”
  • “I read the subject and the first line of your email and found it to be brain-numbingly dull. Therefore I will not be responding.”
  • “First time I’ve ever used this cool auto-response feature. Did it work?”
  • “Who are you?”

Some years ago, I took a job performing stand-up comedy aboard a cruise ship. Having never experienced a cruise before, I marveled at the environment’s serenity and stillness, despite the nightly, daiquiri-addled conga line that always seemed to materialize on the pool deck. The middle of the ocean, I reasoned, was truly the only place left where one was liberated from the steady barrage of vibrations and pings, signaling the arrival of yet another email on our phones.

I returned to the vessel a year later, dismayed to see that one of its cocktail lounges had been somehow converted into an annoyingly-titled “Wi-Fi café.” Throughout the day, up to a dozen cruisers could be found hunched over aging computers, responding to emails as they awaited their sixth meal. Or seventh. One loses track of the food schedule aboard cruise ships.

Much like President Trump, whose lies, misstatements and flip-flops are immediately revealed via photos, video clips and tweets containing damning, contradictory evidence, some of my contacts bust themselves. An associate in Minnesota, whose auto-response included the “no email access because I’m traveling” phrase, in ALL CAPS mind you, found the time and the technological wherewithal to post a steady pictorial stream of his travels on Facebook. Los Angeles, to be precise.

“There’s a Starbucks on Sunset Boulevard with great Wi-Fi,” I texted, mindful of his alleged email predicament. “And who knows? Maybe you’ll see Tom Hanks!”

Perusing my email app’s trash folder, where I quickly deposit the auto response messages, I did notice that a few contacts had taken the time to edit their responses (yes, that is possible!). Their reasons for ignoring me made perfect sense:

“I am off the grid.”

“Our office is closed. Please text my cell phone.”

“I’m gallivanting with Mickey Mouse.”

“I have retired.”

It is time to admit the only way to run away from emails is to disable one’s Wi-Fi and cellular functions, thereby preventing those pesky cell towers from locating us. Not doing so means you are connected 24/7, despite your lame attempts to hide via a prepared response. Don’t like it? Then I suggest you strap yourself aboard a rocket ship and blast off into…

Wait, that won’t work either. Just ask Scott Kelly.

Greg Schwem is a corporate stand-up comedian, nationally syndicated humor columnist for Tribune Content Agency and creator of the web series, “A Comedian Walks Into an Airbnb.” Visit his websites at gregschwem.com andfunnydadinc.com To book Greg for your next event, call 888-766-3155 or visit https://goo.gl/EBeOwV

Is ‘Rest’ Important in Your Life?

rest-1Merry Christmas everyone, and hope you are having a wonderful holiday season.  As we take time to spend with family and friends living out the true meaning of the holiday, anyone find it hard to actually take time to “REST?”

Why is that? Medical science tells us we are more creative, productive, and will live longer when we value our ‘rest’ time as much as we do the hours we spend at work.

As a CEO of a thriving company, and a person that was brought up to love to work as my identity; resting is a struggle. Anyone else in the same situation?

According to the latest figures I am not alone. We, in America, are working longer work weeks, for longer span of our lifetimes, and feel resting is a luxury we cannot afford.

During this beautiful Christmas season of 2016 and beyond I am making a choice to not be like everyone else.  Can we choose to see the value of rest, and plan how we are going to make it a priority going forward?  This is not a matter of New Years’ ‘resolutions’, it is a priority of health, business success, wellness, and security.

Some tips to consider are:
1.      Find your worth and security that is not based on your work and achievement.
2.      Prioritize better and plan time for rest.
3.      Set definite work hours and quit on time.
4.      Organize your work and work space.
5.      Exercise regularly-no longer using work as an excuse not to do so.
6.      Spend time resting with your family and friends with no guilt.
7.      Spend less time in front of the TV which suggests we need to work more.
8.      Do something every day you love doing that is not related to your work.
9.      Create an easier lifestyle that focuses on the important and not the image of
always having to be working.

Wishing for you and your family, a wonderful Christmas, where you begin making a new way of life, where rest is valued and see how your work life becomes easier and less stressful!

 “I heard the bells on Christmas Day, their old familiar carols play, and wild and sweet the Word repeats, of peace on earth goodwill to men.”
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

 Have you heard the bells lately?

Sue Falcone-CEO




Go for the True Followers!

googlecanlearnSocial Media can work for any business if the right strategy, mindset, and work ethic is in place!

We have seen many people jump into Social Media thinking they do not have to interact or communicate with those that choose to follow them, and by just putting great content out there they will received increased business!

Or on the other hand, we have seen those that will not touch Social Media, stating there is no data indicating that it helps anyone at all, it is too time consuming, and a waste of time! Tell that one to the thousands that are seeing success every day!

You do not increase or grow your business by the quantity of the numbers you have following you, it is by the quality of people you have that are liking, sharing, and interacting with you that really counts.

Social Media makes it easier and faster to develop relationships with true followers, fans, and friends.

Make conscious choices of who you follow, and who you allow to follow you! Everyone is not your target audience, only those that like, trust, and want to get to know you!

Don’t write off Social Media as a fad, or that it doesn’t work for you, until you check out how you are approaching and working at it.

We believe in the value of Social Media both for those that are working or wanting to work for others, and all business owners!

Let’s choose to do it right!  Love to connect with you if you want to build a relationship where we can help you, and you see how you can help us.

Our friend, Zig Ziglar, had it right when he shared:
“You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want first!”

Have a Remarkable Social Media Week!

Sue Falcone
Founder and CEO
Simply Sue Speaks
Global Booking Agency



Surprise Marketing Sources for Your Business Success!

yesmarketingIt is amazing that as advanced as we are here in the United States, our businesses are not doing as well as they could be! Why is that? Leading researchers share that marketing is the key; and business owners do not take full advantage of what is available for them, both FREE and at reasonable fees!

Business owners think in the beginning, and then going forward, that they have to do it all, including marketing!  They attempt to do things they are not skilled at, and end up eventually having no life, and failure becomes a reality. I learned early on that I can’t do everything, but I got into the trap and gave it my best shot! I learned the hard way what every successful business owner knows, you have to be working “on” your business doing the things that you are best at, and you need to outsource many of those “in” business things that others are better at doing than you are!

Marketing was always one of my skill sets, and I was astonished to learn that 55% of businesses still do not have a website! That seems strange since 80% of Americans and a 1/3 of the world population is online. How does a business intend to reach their target markets or grow without an online presence? I have interviewed many consumers and our own clients, and they have shared that they do not consider doing business with a company that does not have a website! “Just sayin!”

Why would a company choose not to have a website? Most studies show they don’t feel they have the “right” skill sets to get one up and running and then maintain it; nor do they feel the fees for websites are worth the time and resources.

I want to share a secret with you! I know the value of a website, and I recently decided I needed to update my website to one where I could maintain it myself.

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would seek a TV station to create my “new look!”  After doing my homework and securing many quotes, I was surprised to find that my local TV affiliate offered many marketing services for local businesses besides TV ads, and at a rate I could afford!

Thanks to an outstanding sales representative, Hayley Curry, of ABC45 WXLV (owned by parent company Sinclair Broadcast Group), we will soon launch a new site. It was a joy working with Hayley because she took the time to understand my business, and could translate that to the project manager, John Wertz, and webmaster, Beth Tuzi.  It has been a great experience working with this team. I feel they really take their jobs seriously: one of working for me, and wanting my business to succeed!

Besides having a good website, your marketing should include a great Social Media strategy. LinkedIn studies show that 81% of businesses use some form of Social Media to market. But I wonder how many are using all the capabilities of what Social Media can do for them? I love all aspects of Social Media, which not only includes the sites everyone is tapped into, but also newsletters, email blasts, and written publications, such as this blog!

But studies show most business owners are not tapping into the resources that are available to them, and seeking help in getting the “in” things of Social Media handled on a consistent basis!  I found a great virtual Social Media Guru, Tracy Taylor of TNT Marketing, who helps keep our Social Media sites looking good, and the posting of some things. I still feel my sites needs my “personal touch”, but I have limited time, so together we have a strategy, with less stress and time involved for me! Again I found Hayley and her staff can do some major marketing pieces for my business at an affordable rate, which we will soon be putting into place.  Then I can be even more focused “on” my business!  Keep following us here and see the new changes coming!

Have I taken out a large Small Business Loan to cover what I have shared with you?  I assure you I have not! I “bootstrap” my own business, and we remain debt free in it! I look forward to a great rest of our business year, and now that I have given you some awesome ideas, I would love to hear what you plan on doing with them!

Since many have helped me succeed, I love helping others in turn. To contact Tracy Taylor, email her at tracytaylor5312@gmail.com or call her at (865) 809-5989.  To contact Hayley Curry, email her at hccurry@sbgtv.com or call her at 336-499-1704.  Let them know how you heard about them!

Sue Falcone

Sue Falcone


Is Hope and Humor a Part of Your Business?

funfridayMany say hope and humor are those things that we don’t need to learn more about; and certainly not something you should pay to hear and learn about!

I consider myself a hopeful and fun person, but how did I get that attitude, and how can I keep it going in the world we now live in?  Many are learning that those who have applied hope and humor in their lives: live longer, have better relationships, are healthier, and have better results in their work and companies they own.

What key things do we need to put into our minds and daily living that will keep us hopeful and having fun? Dale Carnegie said: “People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.” Oh, “WOW” that means we should have fun at work?  I know someone you will want to have as your next speaker who will help you do just that!

Award-winning Kelly Swanson travels the country bringing a powerful message and is “outrageously” Funny! Businesses and the lives of people are being changed! Some of her topics include: “6 Secrets to Connecting with People-that Help you Sell, Lead, and Impact Better”, “Help You Move from Creating Lists, to Creating Habits and Attitudes, which are More Valuable than Lists”, “Help You from Where You are Stuck, to Where You Want to Be.”  Kelly can also custom design topics you have in mind. To book Kelly for your upcoming event contact us here at www.simplysuespeaks.com/contact or email me at sue@simplysuespeaks.com.

Have a great fun week!


“Simply” Sue Falcone
Owner: “Simply” Sue Speaks! Global Booking Agency




New Year’s Resolutions or Solutions?

successGot your list ready? Aren’t we supposed to be making New Year’s Resolutions to improve ourselves, our families, and our businesses at this time of year?  Or has this age old tradition finally become extinct since we know they don’t work and we’re not sure they ever did?

I agree taking an honest look at ourselves and how we look and live is not the most fun thing to do!  No one wants to think about setting goals and making plans for change!  That’s hard work, and it might include having to give up something we are not prepared to lose!

Is there still a need to plan for change with all of our modern technology and higher education opportunities?  Think a minute, didn’t someone have to take a look at themselves and their lifestyles and made their New Year’s Resolutions and kept them in order for the changes we are seeing to happen!

Today, I believe you know what changes in 2015 are needed and possible for you; but where do you begin? Life is a process of the experiences of success and failure and once you realize that;  you are on your way to seeing your dreams and goals fulfilled! Do you know the choices you make today have the power to impact and leave a legacy of hope for many others?  It’s time to “let it go” and create a new mindset!

Do you know you can become S.M.A.R.T. at this?  It’s not that hard!  I didn’t create this process, (and no one knows for sure who did), but this is the solution to making your New Year’s Resolutions a reality and permanent!  To begin:

  • list your changes and follow these steps in order:

SSpecific-don’ t just list you want to: increase business, get a promotion, lose weight, or get out of debt- be specific- how, when, why, how, where, who is involved! The more specific you are the closer to success you will become!

MMeasurable– your change has to be measurable so you will know when you succeed or fail, and how to handle both!

AAttainable– Your change needs to be attainable for you to reach! Set your goals larger than you can do by yourself, but not so large no one can do them!

RRealistic– make sure you keep in mind where you are in life! Is it realistic to think you can change overnight? Remember this is personal for you,  not a “one plan fits all”  Make it your “real” not some one else’s!

TTimely – for every change you must set a timeframe for accomplishing it! Otherwise you will have set yourself up for the “roundtoit”  mindset! It will never happen! These need to be short enough to create urgency and well defined enough to be successful!

Don’t you  feel “smarter” already? Can’t wait to begin? Word of caution: take a few minutes to get your list as “smart” as you can make it, share it with others because you are not in this alone, and learn to laugh at yourself and the situations that appear everyday! As a woman of faith, I add prayer to my “smart” planning since I know my struggles and how easily I can get off track. Prayer keeps me grounded, transparent, and humble.

Our speakers here at “Simply” Sue Speaks! Global Booking Agency, are experts at making this process work in their lives and businesses. They enjoy helping others become “SMART” too in a variety of topics and settings! Click here for booking information for your upcoming event!  www.simplysuespeaks.com/contact

Ready for the ball to drop, the band to play, and your favorite football team to take the field?  “The Best is Yet to Come” for them and for You in 2015! Ready to make your SMART solutions this year instead of resolutions? Love to hear how it works for you, share a comment with us!






Happy New “You” Year
from “Simply” Sue Speaks! Global Booking Agency



Weekly #WOWfactor-Do You Have a “To Do” or a “To Try” List?

yesornoI read a post this week that I felt we all needed to focus on! It was on Google + by  Tracy Myers, sharing this “profound statement” his 12 year old son had said that morning: “I’m not going to try and be successful. I’m just going to be successful.”  Tracy added, “Positive affirmation works! Believe that!”

This statement triggered my mind  into wondering: how many times do we make out our daily “to do” list and really intend to do it, or is it just a “try” list, and not a positive affirmation that we will do and not just try to do?

Do we realize the real difference between “try” and “do?”  I found that in many other languages the word “try” is not used as we do!  How many times do you find yourself saying “I’ll try” or “I’m trying” daily versus the mindset of  saying Yes I am or No I’m not?

As for me I don’t want my doctor to “try” and solve my issues, I want him to do it, don’t you? How about the pilot on your next plane trip? I don’t want them to “try” to get me to my destination, I want to arrive safely and on time.

I’m sure my clients don’t want me to “try” and provide a speaker or presenter for their next event, they are expecting me to just “do it” and yes, bring the “WOW” factor as well!

In my business and life, I’m in agreement with Tracy’s son: I’ve eliminated the “try” stage in my mind, and in my language. Either I am being and doing, or I’m not! Do I fail? Sure, but then I learn and continue on being and doing!

Take a look at your day.  Are you in the business of doing, or are you just “trying ?”

Keeping it simple,






Have You Delayed Having a Happy New “YOU” Year?

happy lifeStill wanting to make 2014 a Happy New “YOU” Year? Do major events keep occurring that you have allowed to put you in a delay mode?

Having just experienced a major weather event, it made me stop and think: what is really important in life?  It is so easy to get out of balance, but I am beginning to see that for most of us balance is an impossible dream. What we really need is to experience a blending of all that is important, and not quit and give up because it is not perfectly balanced at all times!

I recently read this by the former CEO of Coca Cola, Brian Dyson, speaking about priorities and balance:
“Imagine life as a game in which you are juggling five balls in the air. You name them – work, family, health, friends and spiritual – and you’re keeping all of these in the air. You will soon understand that work is a rubber ball. If you drop it, it will bounce back.

But the other four balls – family, health, friends and spiritual – are made of glass. If you drop one of these, they will be irrevocably scuffed, marked, nicked, damaged, or even shattered. They will never be the same.”

Which is more important to you?  To keep juggling and not get your priorities straight, or seeing if there is a way to blend these areas with the right priorities and not drop any of them?

John Maxwell shares: “Keep your priorities straight. Taking care of your family, your health, your relationships and your spiritual life is not a selfish act. It’s a sustaining one.”

So today as we begin the third month of the year, and Spring Forward tonight into a new season; do you need to reset and blend your priorities to keep your commitment of having a Happy New “YOU” Year, and not delay, quit or give up?

Have a great week finding out!

suefalcone“Simply” Sue




How Seeking ‘Free’ Works Against Our Career Success

ReBlogged Post Via LinkedIn.com

28823faI just read this article about a husband and wife who while having plenty of money, had all 12 of their children pay for their own college education. The article is a sort of “manifesto” about how they raised their children. It’s quite interesting. While my parents were nowhere near this disciplined in their parenting approach, I can relate on many levels – and I bet you can too. I had chores and allowance by age 6. I started working after school and every summer in my parent’s civil engineering firm at age 13. I think many of us have similar stories about growing up and would agree we are better off in life from being trained early to work for what we want.

“You get what you pay for” is a good career lesson too.

What struck me as an equally important lesson by these parents was how getting things for “free” as a child can work against you as an adult. If they had given their children everything, these parents would have taken a valuable lesson away from their kids: The ability to feel in control their futures.The children would have been trained to expect many things for free, focusing them only on stuff they could get (or achieve) without paying. Instead, they learned to go into every situation figuring out what they needed to LEARN and DO to be successful, empowering them to believe they could achieve anything they truly wanted to. It shouldn’t surprise us that they went to college on their own dime.

So, why do we still seek “free” when we should know better?

Now, in spite of many of us being taught these lessons, I still see professionals falling into the “seek free” trap. They want the easy way out in fixing their career problems.

For example…

You’d be amazed at the number of complete strangers who send me a three-sentence email like this,”

J.T., saw an article you wrote. I am having a problem getting interviews. Can you review my resume and LinkedIn profile and tell me what I’m doing wrong?

Seems innocent enough, right? They’re just asking for advice and I’m a career coach. So, it makes sense they’d ask. But, let’s think about it further:

  1. What does this say about their respect for the cost of a my time?
  2. What did they offer me in return?
  3. What compelling reason did they give for deserving this free advice?
  4. What kind of effort have they really given to educating themselves on what they could do to improve the resume and LinkedIn profile on their own?

One could easily argue they’re looking for a shortcut instead of working for what they want.

“Free” advice from the wrong person can hurt your career even more.

Besides approaching people the wrong way, I also see professionals seeking free advice from the wrong sources – and that can do even more damage to your career.

It might seem easy to ask family and friends to give their input on what you should do. But, are they truly qualified to advise you? Before you take some free advice from them, you may want to ask yourself:

  • What makes them an expert on this subject?
  • What experience can they point to to support their advice?
  • How much are they like me in order for their advice to be applicable?
  • Do they really have my best interests in mind, or are they emotional about my situation?

Often, the person giving us the advice is basing it on outdated information or misguided assumptions that could do our career more harm than good. But hey, the advice is free, so why not use it, right?

i.e. How to work harder (not smarter) on a job search.

For example, I wouldn’t take the advice of the family member who tells you the secret to getting a new job is to apply to 100 jobs/week. Not only will you be exhausted, but it’s a waste of your time. Yet, they’ll tell you stories about how when they were out of work, they knocked on doors directly and applied to everything they could. That might have worked years ago, but it rarely works in today’s economy.

Want to succeed? Invest in…

If you want to guarantee career success you need to invest time, money, and resources into getting new tools and knowledge that will help you take control and achieve your goals. (For even more incentive, here’s a study that proves employers also think you should be investing more in your career.) There’s no way around it. The sooner you stop chasing “free” and start embracing the “price to pay” to get what you want, the better.

Now, how have you invested in yourself to advance your career? I’d love to hear reader stories and advice in the comments below.

P.S. – First time reading my posts? Thanks for taking the time to stop by! Not only do I write for Linkedin, but I’m also founder of the career advice site, CAREEREALISM,and currently run the career coaching program, CareerHMO. I hope you’ll check them both out!

J.T. O’Donnell

Founder & CEO of CAREEREALISM.com | Creator & Coach at CareerHMO.com | Syndicated Author | Columnist | Blogger | Speaker