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Effective time management is about being the master of your time rather than a slave to time-wasting. Knowing how to manage time is critical to success on any level- personal, professional, and organizational. Get this:

  • Up to 80% of the average working day is spent on activities that do not promote you
  • Only 17% of Americans track their time
  • 46% of stress reported among employees in the US is caused by poor time management and getting overwhelmed as a result
  • 87% of students could achieve better grades if they had better time management skills.

Here are 7 tips for you, so that you can be the master of your time rather than a slave to it:


Think of goal setting as if you are the captain of a ship. You have just looked into the GPS of the ship and said: “What am I putting into the GPS of the ship of my life?” If you fail to program the GPS, you don’t set your goals. You just drift in the sea. You’ll end up somewhere, doing something, living somehow. However, you need to be able to determine for yourself what to program into that GPS. Where are you going?

To manage your time, you need to ask yourself: “What am I managing it for? What are my goals?”

Write down your goals and keep your goal list short, including no more than three. What are you looking to accomplish today? What are you going to accomplish this year? What are you putting in the GPS of the ship of your life?


We are bombarded with many tasks and so many other things that we want to do. We tend to multitask throughout our day and overextend ourselves. When the day ends, we ask ourselves: “What did I accomplish today? I ran around all day, but what did I actually accomplish?”

That’s because we tend to spend major time on minor things. The things that matter less tend to take most of our day.

Prioritize by making 2-second decisions on what matters the most to you, and just get out of your own head and give yourself a number. How much does this matter right now? How important is it, between 0 and 10 If you have certain things today that you assess as a “10” for you, you decide that no matter what, those are the things that you are going to focus on. The twos, the ones, the threes they can wait for later.


The mess has to stop because the mess is eating up your energy and wasting your day.  If your household or your desk is chaotic, you’re going to find yourself spending a lot of time looking for things and information, trying to reorganize as you are going through the day.

Start each day with your inbox and your desk is organized and your household in a decent state.  you will find that you’re having an easier time managing your day. You wouldn’t be running around looking for things and trying to figure out where everything is and what to do. When you can find something that you really need, it gives you a clearer mindset.


Stop starting your day without planning it because before you know it the day will run you- you will not run the day. Planning the day is about answering this one question: what must happen today? And then you write it down. You never, ever start your day without answering that question. How important is this? How important is that? Get out of your own head and give it a number, 0-10. Stop spending your day on your 2s and 3s. Plan ahead and focus on your 9s and 10s. That’s how you run the day.


Stop being superwoman or superman. There is no trophy for you at the end of the road. Everyone around you is capable of doing something. And the only reason they are not doing it, is that you never told them to. Yes, I know that in an ideal world people could read your mind. Well, they don’t. And for that reason, you have to tell them. If you delegate- your life will improve instantly. If you don’t- you can blame no one but yourself.


Stress is a choice. So is calm. Stop getting worked up. This is a behavior pattern that you can change- if you choose to. It doesn’t matter how you choose to manage your stress- walks, baths, yoga, talking to a friend- you know what works for you, so make the conscious choice to do it. You can also choose not to manage your stress or to manage it very poorly. That’s a choice that you can make. The result comes with a high price tag, though- poor thinking, poor health, and complete misery. Doesn’t a bubble bath or a walk sound much better?


Why are you doing such a poor job at setting boundaries? Are you scared not to be liked? Are you pleasing others at the expense of yourself? Are you too tired and worn out because you didn’t set boundaries and now you just continue not to set them, just to become more tired and more worn out?

Can you just prioritize yourself for once? For heaven’s sake, and for the love of you- just say NO.

Run the Day- or the Day will Run You!

Managing time is managing yourself. We are talking about managing your life and everything that matters to you. Are you a leader or a follower? Are you going to run the day or let the day run you? Only you decide. And you, only, will pay the price or earn the reward.

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How to Work from a Remote Location: Your Home!

Are you one of the many of our workforce in the United States that have been sent “home” to work? What you are facing could include:

  • both parents having to work from home
  • having children out of school doing on-line classes
  • managing college students away from home
  • having elderly parents that you may or may not be able to physically see

This can make life seem overwhelming, impossible and fearful, can’t it?

Welcome to this new world that a tiny virus has caused in such a short time with no advance warning; and also having to realize there are some things that are just out of your control………period!

How do you cope? Where do you start? What will really work for you and your family?

To begin: relax, breathe, and focus first on keeping a positive attitude and a sense of humor! That will help you do what needs to be done NOW!

Dale Carnegie said:
“Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit and think about it. Get busy.”

Before the virus there were already approximately 3.7 million people working successfully from home, so you are not alone! They now refer to themselves as “remotely located” rather than “working from home.” Do you see how that can change your perspective about what you are about to experience?

From the millions, including myself, here are some tips for you before you just dive in!

  • Secure from your employer an overall plan of what is required and expected from you now that you are “remotely located.” They may not have it all thought out either, but at least you are starting the conversation so both of you can have clarity of what you need to be focused on doing.
  • Communicate frequently with your company to stay connected and to make sure you are on target with their expectations and day by day changes that are occuring. Make this the best possible experience for your employer and for yourself too.
  • Access to the right equipment to be productive. Don’t be afraid to let your company know of your set-up and what you need. This was a quick move and so you need to make sure you are fully equipped to meet their expectations.

Once these guidelines have been discussed you are ready to create a “remotely located” workplace, and plan for the other functions your “remote location” will have to provide.

In setting up your plan make sure it involves each of the household members and the outside extended family obligations you have. It must be explained and communicated well and allow for flexibility! Remember that sense of humor too!

This is a great quote from branding expert, Nyght Falcon https://www.nyghtfalcon.com/ “If you are not clear and concise in communicating who you are and what you do, they will invent it!”
You don’t want your family to assume or invent anything in the days ahead.

Step back and create on paper a plan instead of just wandering though the coming days hoping it will all work out! Some who are “remotely located” designate a mantra for their days, as well as name their location. Get creative just like you do in your workplace in building highly productive and fun teams! Create an environment to do the functions that are not normally done in your home!

Remember this is not the same as having a snow storm where you are issolated for a few days until the roads are clear, you play and have fun, then you resume your normal schedule! This is not like you bringing work home to do often, or helping your children with their homework. This is actually putting in place both physically and mentally all that has been done outside the home, to now being done in and from your home!

Think about this could be for perhaps two or more months, and that everything you normally do outside your home has either been cancelled or rescheduled. You are starting from scratch and going into a new lifestyle with massive changes for everyone you care about and love.

Keep this simple! You have to realize there are many distractions when you are working and doing everything from home; many of which you have not encountered before. That is why a daily plan is so essential to safeguarding your valuable time and keeping your sanity!

Sounds like a lot of preparation, but you will find it is so worth it to make sure you get off on the right path and not have to keep revising things over and over again!

It will take some organization at first, but that is why everyone in the home needs to be involved. No one person alone creates this plan, (unless you are alone), and no one person alone can keep it going; it takes everyone being involved, even your pets!

You have to create:

  • A designated office space for one or both of you who are having to work “remotely.” This is key as you cannot be productive having your work spread all over your home. You will probably have to attend conferences and meetings on line, and you want to be and look the professional that you are at your normal workplace.
  • A designated place for your children to go to school. Again this is key because you do not want all the things they need scattered all over your home.
  • A daily routine and schedule. If you don’t do this and keep it consistent, your
    day will be set for you and nothing will be accomplished.
    This includes the basics:
    When you begin and end the day- definite times
    Work hours- definite times– and make sure you don’t allow yourself to work in your sweats or pajamas with no shoes on! Studies show those who keep a routine of getting up and dressing just as you normally would, are far more productive at working from home! Did I suggest you had to wear a suit and tie or high heels? You just need to be prepared to have video conferences and look professional. I have a friend who is “remotely located” and once she is ready for work, she physically goes out and gets in her car, drives around the block, and then enters her office with the mindset of being at work! You will find what works for you and your family!
    School hours- definite times– this means the children need to be dressed as they would be at school normally, and know what is expected of them.
    Meals- definite times with everyone helping. Avoid having an “open” kitchen where everyone can eat and drink at all times instead of at meals and break times. You don’t want to break your budget or gain weight!
    Breaks- definite times
    Recreation time– after work is done with all involved setting what you will do. Do some fun and creative things you have always wanted to do. Spring is on the way so that could help you get your yard looking great!
    TV time– designated times allowed for everyone- do not get in the habit of having the TV on all the time and hearing all the updates that can allow negative thoughts and fears to take over.
    Cell phone- designated times for just friend chats- use when needed for business, but plan other communications so that you are not distracted from getting done what you must each day.
    Social Media– designated times allowed for everyone- this can become a major distraction, chose wisely the time you spend there.
    Family Meeting Time– a short time every day to get the feelings, frustrations, and voice questions and concerns of all the family so you can reassure each other you can do this, and that it will pass at some time!
    Bedtime– definite time for everyone to follow- everyone needs their rest and sleep away from technology and the cares of the day. Don’t get in the habit of staying up late and expect to be productive the next day!
  • Once you have the basic routine daily schedule in place then you also have to plan on shopping time, cleaning time, daily chores for everyone, keeping in touch with your college age children and your elderly parents. Again no one person can do this alone, it takes everyone working together to get through this!
  • Set times you keep up with the daily news. This can be a time robber unless you make the choices of when this comes into your daily life. I suggest you turn off phone alerts as they can be very distracting.

    These times are uniquely different than what we have ever been through in our lives. I think back and imagine what it must have been like before we became an industralized nation. The home was the place for work, school, play, and fun. AND families and individuals back then did not have the modern conveniences we have now. So as hard as it seems, laying out a simple routine and creating a lifestyle you are not accustomed to can be a life-changing experience! And who knows, you just might like being “remotely located!”

Sue Falcone is the Founder and CEO of Remarkable! A Speakers Bureau. As an Award-winning recognized visionary expert in the industry, combined with her strengths of being positive, bringing solutions for every need, and excellent customer service, Sue loves the honor of “earning your business” when you are looking to book a speaker or music artist for your next event. The headquarters of her company is remotely located in Greensboro, North Carolina. Contact her today at 888-766-3155.

Going Back Old School in a Digital World!

This time of year is all about…

  • setting goals,
  • making resolutions, and
  • planning sessions.

These are traditionally a big part of the turn of a new year.

What else can you do to find success in 2019? I think we forget one critical path to achieving new goals…it is the HABITS we have.

If you want to be a leader that evolves and grows consistently, you must have the right habits. Intentional habits are essential to many things in life. Look at a person’s habits, and it will tell you a lot about that person.

My favorite tool for changing habits and tracking progress is old school. I have been using it for three years now. I love my wall calendar that shows the full year. I track my workouts, my nutrition, and my most important projects. I have a color coding that helps me see my consistency. If you want to change your momentum for 2019, you must be intentional about your habits.

Here is my calendar for the year. You can see where I was consistent and where I wasn’t.

2018 Wall Calendar

If you want to get a calendar like this, use this link. I love my calendar. I am ready to get started on 2019.

How about you? I’d love to know what #habits you are tracking to make this next year epic. 

 Here is to an ahhhhhh-mazing 2019,

P.S. You want to make more money ( or better yet keep more money). You want more time off. You want to simplify your life. No matter what you do…track your habits on this calendar.

Gene Hammett is a Motivational Business Speaker, Author, and writes a Weekly column for Inc. Magazine.  His Award-winning Podcast Leaders in the Trenches is heard by leaders all over the world. His newly released book, The Trap of Success gives all business owners a Guide to Success! Known for his ability to: “take an otherwise routine topic and make it new, exciting and captivating” Gene is seen as one of top Motivational Business Speakers around! To hire him for your next event, contact us today at 888-766-3155 or visit: Hire Gene Hammett

Want BIG Leap Growth for Your Business?

Incremental, optimization and “status quo” growth will eventually land you at the back of the pack.

“IBM found that 58% of market-leading CEOs are pursuing disruptive innovation for growth, not purely incremental improvements.”

Consider these questions:

  1. How risky is your business future at its current level of growth?
  2. Slow to powerfully capitalize on innovation and other growth initiatives?
  3. Are turnover and disengagement undermining your leadership results?
  4. How effective are change initiatives in your organization?
  5. Do you have a growth culture?

Beat incremental growth and “disrupt” the status quo with LEAP growth goals! Here is a new perspective to “See the Unseen” so you can Achieve The LEAP Ahead of the Pack!

Seeing goals differently.
Not all goals are the same. And, not all people see and understand different goal types. Consider goals as 4 different types, or, as 4 different goal strategies:

  1. Attract – It’s not who you know, it’s who knows you. This is the activity of many Public Relations, Celebrity or Authority building firms.
  2. Stretch – This is the familiar, look at the past and add X%. These goals are very past-based. Here, the future is the past, plus a little more. This is the most commonly used approach to setting a goal. And is the most incremental type of goal.
  3. Leverage – Having other people, strategy or technology to help you. Engaging professionals, having others as leaders are examples. Processes, vision and culture can all also be points of leverage.
  4. LEAP – Bold, all in, driven from the inside to achieve. People achieve from what they believe! Game changing, world changing, audacious. These goals can be entirely future-based with no grounding in the past. The place of freedom and creativity to discover. Here, we must inspire and sustain greatness in people to achieve LEAP goals. This is more focused on the commitment than the “how” since the “how” is not usually known at the start.

Perspective isn’t about new information, it’s about new ACCESS

We can no longer live in the afterglow of one big idea.  The future will not favor the familiar.  The tools to pioneer future business growth and sustainability are creativity and continuous renewal over continuous optimization.

Carl Loop- Carl is passionate about helping people “Achieve The LEAP.”  When Carl was very young, he could jump really far, and became a bit of a celebrity in schoolyard competitions. People started calling Carl “Leaping Loop” and it has stuck ever since! Carl says: “The most amazing thing about what I do is help people ‘See the Unseen.’  It takes a new perspective!  Perspective isn’t about new information, it’s about new access! Companies have profited by 10’s of $Millions of dollars from the work I do.” To have  Carl Loop at your next event click here:  Book Carl Loop

Are You Doing the Impossibles? Think You Can?

possible“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.” – Walt Disney

It’s easy to do what we see are the possibilities, but do you ever think about doing and living in the “I’m Possibles?” Think of those areas that you have put off-limits, the dreams and wishes that certainly can never be made into possibilities!

Today take the challenge and pull out the things that you have declared were impossible in your life, and turn just one into the reality of today! You won’t regret it, and you will find out, “it’s kind of fun!”

Happy New “YOU” Year!

“Simply” Sue