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Meet Pat B. Freeman

Pat_B_Freeman_StandingPat B. Freeman delivers passionate, impactful, and enthusiastic coaching and training events that empower women, executives, and the workforce towards success.

She is very innovative and enjoys working with projects that create amazing solutions. With her energy and enthusiasm, she energizes people, inspires action, and promotes success for your and your organization.

As an executive coach, Pat provides breakthrough results for her clients as an experienced mentor.  They learn to lead with passion, purpose, and profits.

She is eager to share her expertise with you and your workforce in the following areas:
– Workforce Development & Training
– Professional Leadership Development
– Inspirational & Keynote Speaking

Discover how Pat can help you accelerate your goals and success.

Look for her Upcoming Launches-Coming Soon!      
New Book:
Passion to Profits- The 4 Ps to All-Star Entrepreneurship
Online Course:
3 Steps to Becoming a Confident & Engaging  Speaker
Online Academy:
Passion to Profits Entrepreneurship Dream-Building Academy™

Pat is passionate about helping others attain success. “I have a passion for giving people hope, helping people grow, and showing people how to build their dreams.”

Are you ready to accelerate your goals for yourself or your organization? If so, Pat is ready to help you. Working together, she can help build and achieve your dreams.

To have Pat at your next event, contact Sue Falcone at 888-766-3155 or sue@simplysuespeaks.com, and Let’s Get Started to customize a solution to meet your needs today!

Are You Doing the Impossibles? Think You Can?

possible“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.” – Walt Disney

It’s easy to do what we see are the possibilities, but do you ever think about doing and living in the “I’m Possibles?” Think of those areas that you have put off-limits, the dreams and wishes that certainly can never be made into possibilities!

Today take the challenge and pull out the things that you have declared were impossible in your life, and turn just one into the reality of today! You won’t regret it, and you will find out, “it’s kind of fun!”

Happy New “YOU” Year!

“Simply” Sue