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What a Dedicated Entrepreneurial Spirit!

Kay and ShirleyRecently visited for the first time the Phillips Petroleum Company Museum located in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. The beginnings of this major oil company Phillips 66 began 107 years ago here in this city. In 2002 Phillips 66 merged with Conoco Oil Company and now the Corporate offices have been moved to Houston, with a new name Conoco Phillips. Remembering the Phillips 66 history is very important to this city, and this museum was a great community collaborative effort to make it happen!

Interesting to note that even though the merger changed the name somewhat, today there is another twist to the story because in 2012, Conoco Phillips repositioned into two stand-alone publicly traded companies, one of which is the Phillips 66 of today. You can view that entire timeline of both companies at http://www.phillips66.com/ 

The one spokeswoman I was honored to meet is Shirley Patterson, who now has 52 years of service with Phillips 66, and is not planning on retiring soon! She has many roles, but one she loves is volunteering at the Company Museum!

As you enter Shirley greets you and shares how to have the best experience while visiting both floors. She has personal stories to bring to life what you are seeing and feeling. She actually lived out the history and knew the officials and all the details of what you view as you travel back in time. You will be inspired as you see “the story of Phillips’ transformation from a small Bartlesville business to a global energy enterprise, and the extraordinary people who made it happen.”

Shirley is one of those “extraordinary” people! She is not originally from Oklahoma, but the close related state of Kansas. Her father was with the Walgreens Drug Stores and they traveled and moved all around. She ended up in Bartlesville working for Phillips 66 and raising her family.

You can tell from the spark in her eyes and the step in her walk that she is proud to be an employee of this outstanding company. She is a valued part of the past as well as the present and future. She has received many awards and is an active part of the Jane Phillips Society (formerly Jane Phillips Sorority) which was created in 1937 by a group of female employees at Phillips 66 whose motto is: “In building character, it pays to use only the best materials.” It was named after the wife of Frank Phillips who was the founder of the company. For many years this organization has contributed to the growth of women in the company, and given great service to the community providing scholarships and many needed contributions and services.

You can tell an Entrepreneurial spirit when you see one! Shirley Patterson is a shining example of how to live and work whether for a company or as the owner! Shirley takes ownership of her position and does whatever it takes to be the best wherever she is planted!

It was an honor to meet Shirley Patterson. I was introduced to her by my best friend of over 61 years, Kay Cunningham Reynolds, who is now a retired Phillips 66 employee with 38 years of service. See them pictured here together enjoying a great experience and history together!

Think you will keep working or are you looking for the day when you can retire? It is a personal choice, but as for me, retirement is not in my DNA! Here at “Simply” Sue Speaks! Global Booking Agency our speakers are wired with an Entrepreneurial spirit and are gifted to be able to help others create and be an Entrepreneur whether you are the owner or not!

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Weekly #WOWfactor-Is It Time to Re-Invent?

reinventHappy Thankful Thursday from Ft. Worth, Texas! We are here for an annual business conference and as we toured Ft.
Worth last night I saw how this city has re-invented their downtown area to make it a safe attraction for families both in the day time and evenings. It is amazing the transformation since last year! Buildings and areas have been built, and we could see the results in the families that were flooding the streets.

This encouraged me to think of our workplace and what skills and solutions we are going to need for employment and operating successful businesses going forward.

Doesn’t re-invent sound better than change?  But where do we start? In reading many experts on this topic there are 3 major areas to address in making the leap to re-invent yourself and/or your company. These are the basics necessary to succeed and help others do the same!

These are:
Your Mindset- doesn’t everything begin first in the mind?
Plan- your personal and business model-including both time, skills, and finances needed to re-invent
Learn how to make collaboration with others work-this is a key area that is new and different for many

When is a good time to begin your re-invention?  Most of us know when life is not going well, or our businesses are not the exciting passionate places they once were!  The time is now, don’t delay!

I am honored to say I am on my 4th re-invention in my lifetime and loving every minute of it! It is possible to change and re-invent a healthy life full of dreams and working with and for the people that really value and appreciate you. There are jobs and opportunities waiting for you, time to reach out and find them!

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Happy New “YOU” Year! How You Doing?

I began this 2014 wishing you a Happy New “YOU” Year, and have been giving you ways to make that happen! Stacey Colino, Freelance Writer and Editor for Fox News and a Spinning Instructor, shared these 3 ways recently in Parade Magazine! She gives us some great “food” for thought! Have a great “Super Bowl” Week-end!

By  Reposted from http://parade.condenast.com/member/staceycolino/


Want to set yourself up for resolution success? Three simple rules to follow:

1. Find your motivation.
“When a goal is intrinsic—something you want for personally meaningful ­reasons—you are more energized to pursue it,” says psychologist Pauline Wallin, Ph.D., author of Taming Your Inner Brat. So if you want to become more punctual, do it because you want to be more respectful of other people, not because you want their approval.

2. Remove the obstacles.

Convenience is key to making a new routine last. Want to get in the habit of exercising first thing in the morning, for instance? Lay out your workout clothes and shoes before turning in
for the night.

3. Watch your words. ­­
“The language you use in building habits is very important, because it reflects your intention and mind-set,” Wallin says. So tell yourself “I will cross off the toughest things on my to-do list” rather than “I should” or “I’ll try.”

Thanks Stacey for sharing some great ways for us to have a Happy New “YOU” Year! I’m in, how about you?

“Simply” Sue


It’s Freelance Friday with “Dr. Woody” Woodward

How to Become the MVP in Your Office

Employee-at-desk-happy-about-career-successWith the Super Bowl XLVII coming up, all the talk is about star performances.

One thing we know from watching the NFL playoffs is that team MVPs always train harder, work harder and play harder. They are more mentally and physically prepared and continuously bring their “A” game.

Star players don’t just wish for success, they are willing to work for it. And we can all take a page from their playbooks to become our office superstars.

Here’s a look at what we can all do in the office to enhance our performance and become a team leader:

Embrace Adversity. True stars don’t shy away from adversity–they embrace it. In the business world, this means identifying and fixing problems before they even become an issue. It’s about having the courage to look in the mirror and face the harsh realities of your own mistakes and possibly those of your team and boss. In other words, don’t just be a problem solver, be a problem finder. Once you identify a problem, be sure you come up with potential solutions before taking it to your boss. Don’t worry about blame. A problem is a problem, regardless of fault. Winning teams don’t harp on losses, they rally to win.

How to Take Action: Seek out a critical problem nobody is willing to tackle and own it in 2014.

Push Your Boundaries. If you want success, you need to be willing to push yourself. Star athletes are always looking to improve themselves. This means being proactive and stretching yourself beyond your comfort level. It’s common for bosses to overlook workers’ talents, so it’s up to you to highlight your skills and potential.

How to Take Action: Volunteer for a stretch assignment every quarter in 2014. Look for projects your boss needs to unload and step up to the plate.

Hold a Press Conference. A lot of people are really uncomfortable with the idea of self-promotion, but here’s the reality: You can be the greatest employee in the world, but if nobody knows, it doesn’t matter. Star players always find a way to get their coaches to notice them, which ultimately leads to more playing time. I’m not talking about being outright shameless and banging pots and pans to tout your latest achievements, but you do have to step out a little and let management know what you’ve done.

How to Take Action: Schedule a regular lunch with your boss to review your successes.

Be a Role Model. Always do what you say you are going to do. There is nothing that hurts trust more than when someone doesn’t complete their commitments. If you can’t back up your talk with action, then don’t talk. Building trust is critical to any relationship and trust starts with consistency. Do what you say you are going to do and your boss will know he/she can rely on you.

How to Take Action: Write down every commitment you make and schedule a follow up to make sure you complete your workloads.

True stars always step up their play when the game is on the line, and in the current economic climate, every company and every job is potentially on the line. Treat every day as a playoff game, and those who have found a way to not only survive, but thrive, have relied on making star plays!

Dr WoodyMichael “Dr. Woody” Woodward, PhD is a CEC certified executive coach trained in organizational psychology. Dr. Woody is author of The YOU Plan: A 5-step Guide to Taking Charge of Your Career in the New Economy and the new on-line course The YOU Plan for Career Change on Udemy. Dr. Woody is the founder of Human Capital Integrated (HCI), a firm focused on management and leadership development. Dr. Woody also sits on the advisory board of the Florida International University Center for Leadership. To book Dr. Woody for your next event contact Sue Falcone at sue@simplysuespeaks.com or call 1-888-766-3155. 

It’s Freelance Friday-“Managing In Tough Times” with Michael “Dr. Woody” Woodward

Sebastian's First Birthday PartyDid you happen to catch Dr. Woody on Fox Business Channel- Willis Report? He appears regularly all over the TV Media and has such great tips for all of us in the workplace.  Today’s topic is on Changing Careers in 2014!

“It is possible with hard work and planning even in today’s economy” shares Dr. Woody.

Learn how on this video and interview, share it with your friends! Dr. Woody’s book: The You Plan is available at http://amzn.to/LlmPeU

To have Dr. Woody as your next Keynote Speaker, Seminar/Workshop Presenter, contact Sue Falcone- sue@simplysuespeaks.com or call Sue at 1-888-766-3155.

click here to view: http://bit.ly/1dBJYFx

It’s Freelance Friday with Michael “Dr. Woody” Woodward

Make 2014 the Year You keep Your Resolutions

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We all make our new year’s resolutions with the best of intentions, but for most of us, we inevitably stray from them as the year rolls on. According to Journal of Clinical Psychology, more than 60% of Americans make new year’s resolutions and only 8% of us actually meet our goals.

Keeping resolutions is tough, but there is something we can do about it. Here are some simple tips to avoid de-railing from your goals:

Check the Rearview Mirror. Iconic psychologist Carl Jung once said, “those who look outward, dream; those who look inward, awaken.” You can’t move forward without knowing where you have been. Introspection is critical to career success and thriving in these tough times means acknowledging mistakes, learning from them and then letting them go. Take stock of what worked well for you last year and what didn’t. Understanding what has worked best for you in the past will help you understand the kind of commitment you can most likely achieve.

Go Big, Just don’t Go Crazy. It’s good to stretch yourself, but make sure you are realistic about your resolutions. In other words, stretch with purpose and be sure to break your goals into reasonably- attainable chunks (or sub-goals) so you can tackle them one at a time. Research has shown that big goals become more attainable when you break them down into bite-sized morsels. To stay on track, set weekly and monthly check-ins to evaluate your progress. It’s OK to get a little off-track from time to time, just be sure not to completely derail. It’s important to have measures of success to show you are moving forward. Even the little wins can be motivating; embracing them can have a snowballing effect and set you up for future success.

GPS Your Goals. Don’t fall into the trap of picking a couple lofty goals and then not taking the time to plan how you are actually going to pull them off. It’s easy to pick goals, making them happen is another story. Every destination requires a route to get there. The route you choose is up to you, but you will need a GPS (or a roadmap if you are old school) to provide a guide. If you don’t commit to a destination and plan a path for getting there, it’s a sure bet you’ll never make it.

Hold a Press Conference. The best way to hold yourself accountable is to go public with your goals. Let people know your resolutions and your intent to keep them. Consider taking to Twitter or Facebook to share your 2014 goals with those who will support you. The idea is to use public accountability to hold yourself responsible to follow through on what you say you are going to do. There is nothing like a little public pressure and fear of shame to motivate success.

When all is said and done, your goals are your own and your marks for personal success are up to you define. Create a reasonable vision that’s truly your own, draw a roadmap, and don’t be afraid to share it with your friends and family.


Sebastian's First Birthday PartyMichael “Dr. Woody” Woodward, PhD is a CEC certified executive coach trained in organizational psychology. Dr. Woody is author of The YOU Plan: A 5-step Guide to Taking Charge of Your Career in the New Economy and the new on-line course The YOU Plan for Career Change on Udemy. Dr. Woody is the founder of Human Capital Integrated (HCI), a firm focused on management and leadership development. Dr. Woody also sits on the advisory board of the Florida International University Center for Leadership. To book Dr. Woody for your next event contact Sue Falcone at sue@simplysuespeaks.com or call 1-888-766-3155. 

It’s Thankful Thursday! What’s Your Word?


Do You have a Word or Theme for your Life and Business in 2014?

Barbara Hemphill is a Nationally known Productivity Expert, helping people eliminate the physical, digital, and emotional clutter that prevents them for accomplishing their work and enjoying their lives! To book Barbara as your next Keynote Speaker or Seminar/Workshop Presenter: contact Sue Falcone at 1-888-766-3155 or email her at sue@simplysuespeaks.com

The Value of an Entrepreneur!

Entrepreneurship SeriesSue Falcone, owner of “Simply” Sue Speaks! is a true Entrepreneur! Even before the title was made known or we knew how to say or spell the title, Sue had the spirit of being a pioneer in her corporate America world with AT&T!

As an overcomer from birth, Sue knows what it takes to not only survive but thrive in surrounding situations where most would give up! Now with over 40 years of experience, Sue has a company where she represents others who too have become the experts in their fields as Entrepreneurs!

Together with a common goal of wanting to help others become the best they can be, they have developed a 5 part Entrepreneurship Certification Series! Challenged by the Small Business Director of Alamance Community College, Ervin Allen, to provide a series of 5 workshops to introduce future entrepreneurs to the major core aspects of starting, funding, operating, and managing a small business successfully, and receive a CEU Certificate upon completion; Sue and her team of presenters, Barbara Hemphill, Carol Caffarel, and Debbie Wright, set to work.

With a combined experience of over 100 years, and nationally known presenters who are experts in their field, we are honored to offer the pilot of this Entrepreneurship Certificate Series at the Small Business Center of Alamance Community College, Burlington, N.C.  

It begins on Thursday, January 16, and runs through February 20, 2014. Normally the fee would be $595 per person to attend, but it is being offered to the public FREE of charge due to special funding arrangements for the Small Business Center of Alamance Community College, and the presenters who are provided by “Simply” Sue Speaks!  

Pre-registration is required for this series as seating is limited, and is very easy to do.  Call Brenda Brower at (336) 506-4311 or email her at brenda.brower@alamancecc.edu.  You can also find this information and more details about the series through the attached flyer, or go to the website http://bit.ly/1iJorwH where you can also see videos from each of the presenters giving you a special invitation to join them for this series. 

Our thanks and appreciation go to Ervin Allen, Director of the Small Business Center at Alamance Community College, and to Brenda Brower, for all their hard work and vision to make this a reality, and with videos too!

We hope you will be encouraged as you begin a new venture and attend this series, and for those of you who have already started on your journey as an Entrepreneur we applaud you and urge you to never give up, and help us spread the word to those who need to begin! 

Happy New “YOU” Year,

“Simply” Sue


It’s Freelance Friday with Michael “Dr. Woody” Woodward

Social Media Job Searching Tips for Dummies

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If you are a serious job seeker, you better be using social media.

A recent survey by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) found that 95% of recruiters use LinkedIn for sourcing candidates. On the flip side, the recently-released State of the Job Search in 2013 report by CareerArc Group found that using social media ranked in the top three as the most valuable resources for job seekers along with personal referrals and online searches.

And it’s not just young workers using the social networking tools, theCareerArc Group report also shows that 58% of respondents 45 or older ranked social media as their top job-hunting resource.  

Landing that great job has always been about “who-you-know” and social networks have made it easy to expand your connections. The challenge lies in understanding how to effectively use social media to establish meaningful relationships and then turn them into opportunities.

According to Joshua Waldman, career expert and author of Job Searching with Social Media for Dummies,“people become so transfixed by technology they forget social media is not a solution in-and-of-itself, rather it’s tool.” He says too many job seekers fail to understand that creating and posting a profile is a starting point not an end point.

This comes from the mistaken view that social media sites like LinkedIn are akin to having an online resume. But the resume is a byproduct of an era long gone. Waldman points out that the cold, static, and impersonal nature of the traditional resume is counter to the dynamic nature of social media sites. Digital content is very robust and employers expect job seekers to take advantage of these capabilities to put their best foot forward.      

Here are Waldman’s tips for effectively using social media outlets to help find a job:

Position Yourself: Your profile is your job search foundation. Waldman suggests job seekers ask themselves: What one thing do you want a potential employer to remember about you? Once you have identified how you want to position yourself, consider what type of profile picture, headline and content would best support that message. In other words, be sure to back up what you claim and do it in a way that is consistent and catchy.   

Polish Your Profile: The content of your profile should clearly support your headline. Waldman says the message has to align with what you are trying to sell about yourself. The body of your profile should be a set of talking points designed to convince an employer you can deliver on the promise of your headline. Also, keep in mind your content is dynamic. Be sure to integrate pictures, video, audio, graphics and any other relevant data points that bolster your case.   

When writing a profile, Waldman recommends being wary of what he calls “profile-itis” or the propensity to obsess over tinkering and tweaking your profile. Consistency is important when it comes to your online presence. If you are constantly changing your status, profile picture or headline, it may cause a recruiter to take pause.     

Proactively Publish: To be clear, publishing doesn’t necessarily mean writing a blog or launching a newsletter. The idea is to be an active user as opposed to a passive bystander. In other words, you can’t just post your profile and forget. Each social media platform has its own unspoken rules, so be sure you pay attention to the typical posting and communication behaviors in your network. Waldman notes that it’s one thing to blast twenty tweets out a day, but when it comes to LinkedIn less is probably more.  

There is certainly a lot of debate about the big three social media sites and how to best utilize them in job searching. Waldman contends that the divide between personal and private is more manufactured than real. The job search has always been about leveraging personal connections, so why wouldn’t you want to reach out to those who know you best. There are certainly different strategies for using social media sites, but mastering them all is no longer a choice, it’s a necessity.


Dr WoodyMichael “Dr. Woody” Woodward, PhD is a CEC certified executive coach trained in organizational psychology. Dr. Woody is author of The YOU Plan: A 5-step Guide to Taking Charge of Your Career in the New Economy and the new on-line course The YOU Plan for Career Change on Udemy. Dr. Woody is the founder of Human Capital Integrated (HCI), a firm focused on management and leadership development. Dr. Woody also sits on the advisory board of the Florida International University Center for Leadership. To invite Dr. Woody to be your next Keynote, Seminar or Workshop Presenter in 2014 contact Sue Falcone- sue@simplysuespeaks.com, or call 1-888-766-3155 today.