What better day than Thankful Thursday to be celebrating Valentine’s Day! I am thankful and grateful to all my family, friends and Team here at “Simply” Sue Speaks! for loving me, and letting me do what I love- representing the best speakers, trainers, life coaches, and authors on the Planet! Hope you have a great day!

This is a neat idea from Mary Cantando- Speaker, and Consultant at The Woman’s Advantage:

“For Valentine’s Day, write a thank-you note to someone who did something for you in the past. Tell that person why their help or guidance made a difference in your life. I do this every year. My note for this year will go to my favorite college professor, Dr. Sara Mott, who convinced me that, indeed, I *could* get a college degree while raising three children.”

Enjoy the day and thanks for stopping by!


“Simply” Sue

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