It is said: “one can have a successful business, full-time, part-time but NOT no-time!”   Too many are wanting to do many great things, which they may be gifted at doing, but will fail because they have not learned how to say no, and give up something to focus on what they really need to be involved in doing!

Would you be able to work full-time, write great books, be a wife or husband, be a parent, be active in your community and church, maintain a home, have a social media presence, attend professional conferences, be a care-giver, and pursue being a speaker and author full time?  

You would not believe how many are actually living that scenario right now.  In looking at this picture, where does rest without quilt, developing healthy relationships, spending time with God, and having great health come in?

The answer lies in being able to determine what you must give up in order to live an abundant and satisfying life.  We only get one shot at this, and the “if only’s” can set in pretty quick!

Where do you begin?  The key is to realize it affects everyone else when you are living a lifestyle that you are not able to maintain. Once you get that message, it is easier to decide to make some changes.  Your family and friends may not tell you direct, but when you decide and declare you want to make some changes, see how fast they will chime in and give you some great ideas and help! 

The question of the day is: are you ready to give up something to get where you really want to be? We here at “Simply” Sue Speaks! want to help you! Contact us today to see how! 

Have a great Thankful Thursday!

“Simply” Sue


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