Periscope,  https://www.periscope.tv/ is the latest live streaming App owned and launched by Twitter in March 2015! It has taken on a global life of its own, where you can quickly share your message in person anytime, it’s easy to set up using your mobile device-phone or iPad, Twitter account and the App, and you can network with others all at the same time as you are learning and sharing with others!

A few of my favorite “Scopers” are:
Carol Andrews- https://twitter.com/carolandrewsnc who is a speaker here at our agency
Kim Garst-https://twitter.com/kimgarst
Sue B Zimmerman- https://twitter.com/suebzimmerman
Ja’Net Adams-https://twitter.com/JaNetAdamsSpeak
Joy Cook-https://twitter.com/joycookpr
Scott McKain- https://twitter.com/scottmckain,
Heather Heuman- https://twitter.com/heatherheuman

What prevents most people and businesses from doing live streaming is FEAR! It is a reality wake up when you see yourself speaking and all the action that is going on live! Content, connection and being visual always attract people to your business. I see how being on Periscope and listening and interacting with others, and then doing “scopes” yourself can be such a great Social Media addition to your business strategy. To overcome that #FEARfactor you can always do “private” posts where you can practice before going public!

Did I create enough excitement for you to want to download the App and dive in?  Some suggestions first before you go live:

  •  When setting up account include your picture, and fill out your profile completely.
  •  Take time to watch other “scopes” before you do your own.
  •  Be natural and confident of who you are and what you do.
  •  Avoid being a distraction: don’t adjust your clothes, use profanity, or go too long.
  •  Make sure you are using Wifi, otherwise your data plan could explode.
  •  Plan on having featured guests, either live or by Skype.
  •  Always have a CTA-Call to Action.
  •  This is not a perfect science, be patience, keep broadcasting the replay will be fine.
  •  Your broadcasts are only available for 24 hours, subscribe free to http://katch.me/.
  •  Be a great follower when you listen to others. Comment, give hearts, & share them.
Sue Falcone
Sue Falcone

I love Periscope for our business, and the ability it allows me to showcase and interview our Talent and staff! I normally do two scopes a week, or when things come up I urgently want you to know about; and then I listen to others daily!   Follow us at @simplysuespeaks, and look forward to “scoping’ with you!





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