Road Trip Greetings from Memphis, Tennessee!  Love being on the road to share our business and showcase my team of professionals; and also get to see this great country where we are fortunate to live. 

Brings to mind the choices we have everyday in our businesses and our lives. We can either see the opportunities and go after them, or we can sit back and complain about what we are honored to be able to be and do.

I love reading what my team publishes, and I give you this challenge from Dr. Joey Faucette in his #1 Best-Seller: “How to Work Positive in a Negative World.”  To receive this challenge pretend you have one apple in your hand:  if you were in Dr. Joey’s sessions or reading his book, he would ask you: “how many apples are you holding in your hand?”

 Love to hear your answers!  Post a comment here!  Check back tomorrow for “Wonder Wednesday” and I will give you more insight!  We will be traveling to Ft. Worth, Texas tomorrow! Can’t wait to see thousands of “Jewelry Ladies” in one place!

Have a great evening,
“Simply” Sue



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