PerseveranceGot Perseverance?

We moved to the Appalachian mountains when our younger daughter was less than a year old.  So she spent her preschool years hiking up and down mountains with us.  When she was small I would carry her, but when she was around two years old, I decided that it was time for her to hike.  So she did for a while…

…until she would get tired.  “Help me, Daddy,” she’d say with her arms outstretched.  At first, I always picked her up and carried her for a while.  But as she got older, I started telling her, “Just keep walking for a little while longer, honey, and you’ll feel better in a few minutes.”  So she would and in a few minutes she’d say, “I feel better, Daddy.”

Our daughter wanted to quit, but persevered long enough to get her second wind.  If you want to keep your New Year’s resolution, you’ve got to stick to it when you feel like quitting.  Sure, you’ll get tired, maybe even worn out, but to reach your goals, discover a positive partner, develop a winning attitude, celebrate each success, and persevere in the New Year as you make a positive life!


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