5 Spring Things the Positively Successful Do to Grow

BlueberryBushThe snow finally melted to reveal a spring-like day. The calendar called my wife and I to activity—to act on our plans for the blueberry bushes to grow fruit.

Positively successful people understand that it’s a process to grow personally and professionally. They Work Positive with themselves and their business to bear fruit.

They do these five spring things to grow:


For our blueberries, the purpose is for me to step outside around 6AM each day in July and August to pick for my breakfast. In the evenings, we purpose to pick and put in the freezer for after growing season.

What purpose do you plan to achieve? Whether it’s a personal one like being happier, or a professional one like making more money, first define your purpose. To positively succeed, your purpose is relevant; something you care deeply about which hooks your commitment. State your purpose clearly and write it down to read each morning.


A week ago, my wife and I pushed through over a foot of snow to feed our horses. Now we’re working our blueberry bushes. Really?

Yes, because we understand the cycle of growth. We know that to reap later we sow now. We prepare for winter to leave and spring to arrive so we clear away the leaves and amend the soil. We fertilize and prepare for berries.

The positively successful prepare for growth. They understand this cycle takes time and refuses to be rushed. To prosper and bear financial fruit later, your business markets better to attract new clients and amends customer relationships. These sowing efforts mature into reaping results later when you prepare for it, despite the cold adversity in which you find yourself now.


Blueberry bushes require pruning for new growth. The long-term viability of the plant requires annual evaluation to cut out the overly mature, less productive canes and stimulate the new growth.

What personal habits and professional core habits need pruning? What isn’t producing the returns they once did and need to be eliminated? What new growth is emerging that needs more time, energy, and attention?

Yes, it’s challenging to prune the familiar. Yes, as with the plant, your business may appear to die when cut closely. Yes, you are made to grow and will in more productive ways.


We know our purpose and prepare and prune accordingly. Only with our partners the sun and the rain do our blueberries grow.

Likewise, you must invest in partners. You may can do everything your business needs, but not all at once. Collaborate with those who commit to your purpose. Like the sun and rain were made to provoke growth, so your partners are present to grow your business. Create fulfilling jobs for them. Invite them to solve problems at a profit with you.


My wife and I know our purpose and prepare, prune, and partner accordingly. The fruit requires a persistent presence throughout the growth cycle to feed the bushess and harvest in season.

So it is with you and your business. You believe in more growth by regular feeding of your business dynamics. You cultivate by pulling weedy bad habits that crop up. Even when you can’t make rain, you find water. You persist regardless, committed to your purpose.

How will your business grow this year? Purpose, prepare, prune, partner and then persist as you Work Positive with the positively successful!


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