3 Ways to Find Time to Read Positive

read-biz-booksWhen we connect with someone on LinkedIn, we welcome them with an invitation to read free chapters of one of our books. We hope just one idea will coach the reader closer to achieving business dreams.

One connection recently replied, “Thanks, but I don’t have time to sit down and read a book.”

“I don’t have time” are four of the deadliest words you’ll ever say.

I wanted to say, “One day you will have time, because the way you’ve always done business will no longer work. You’ll have more time than money, and wonder what to do next. You will have missed opportunities to discover new ideas, new strategies, and new ways to do business in a rapidly changing world.”

There are more ways to read a book quickly, more inexpensively today than in the history of humanity. The printing press is now pixelated. For about the cost of a couple of Happy Meals, you step into a world of exciting ideas that will increase your sales with greater productivity so you have more time.

“Oh the places you will go!” (Dr. Seuss)

Yet if it seems you lack the time to sit down and read a book—any book, not just mine—and grow your business, here are 3 Ways to Make Time to Read Positive:

Listen to a Book
Most books are now available as audiobooks. Audible on Amazon and iTunes both have audiobooks.

Think of your vehicle as a mobile university. Redeem the windshield time of commuting or business travel with cutting edge ideas and best business practices. Or, work out your body and mind simultaneously.

Look at an App
Download the app to your smartphone or tablet and read Kindle books. Instead of the Facebook newsfeed, read a book during lunch. Rather than flip through more self-promoting Tweets, turn pages in a Nook book.

Learn in Minutes
When you spend about 15 minutes a day reading, you’ll have read approximately 2 dozen books in a year. Just one idea could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to your bottom line.

The business environment in which you work changes daily. Riding the wave of change all the way to the bank is far easier surfing with thought leaders who give you their best ideas and practices for very little investment.

Listen to a book. Look at your tablet or smartphone book. Learn for just 15 minutes a day and watch as you Work Positive!

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