2014Did you know that New Year’s Day is the oldest of all holidays, first observed in Babylon more than 4,000 years ago?  It started with the first day of spring and lasted for eleven days.  Can you imagine a New Year’s party lasting eleven days?  And the Babylonians were the first to make New Year’s resolutions with the most popular being to return borrowed farm equipment.

The Romans observed the New Year in late March, but in order to synchronize the calendar with the sun, the Roman senate declared January 1 as the date to begin the new year.  To do it right, Julius Caesar had to let the previous year last 445 days.

The Greeks were the first to use a baby to symbolize the New Year around 600 B.C.  And the Germans added that New Year’s banner to the baby new year.

So what’s your history with New Year’s Day?  What symbols do you use?  How did you celebrate?  Celebrate by listening to life and choosing to Live Positive and Work Positive all year long.

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