ambitionIn looking ahead to a New Year, what does your ambition have to do with it being a successful one or not?  Is ambition a good or bad trait to have? 

Max Lucado defines ambition as: “ambition is a gift in the soul which creates disenchantment with the ordinary.”  That doesn’t sound bad to have, because without the ambition of people our world would not be in the shape it is in. However, not everyone believes we are headed in the right direction!

Everyone can have an ambition, but not everyone chooses to do the hard work to make it work for them. Or on the other hand, some choose to let their ambition rule and dominate so that they become “blind” to anything and everyone else around them. It’s all about them and getting ahead and succeeding in fulfilling their dreams and goals at any cost. 

Ambition is a good thing when we keep it in the right perspective and make sure we keep it blended, balanced, and focused on helping others. I cherish this quote that Zig Ziglar shared: “you will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want -first.” That quote is often misquoted as we tend to want to leave out putting others “first!” 

The good part our ambition does for us is that we can dream, set goals, accomplish them and help others do the same. If we choose to leave others out, it can lead to becoming selfish and addicted to power, prestige, and wanting to always be first and at the top.

Is it time, as you set your goals and plans for the new year, to take a look at yourself as others see you? Is your ambition good and focused on others, or has it become “blind” and only focused on yourself?  We are not “perfect” but we can change and improve the outlook! 

Your greatness can be “heard and seen in 2014” in the right way! 



Have fun, 

“Simply” Sue 






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