thank your mentor dayHere on Thankful Thursday we want to celebrate “Thank Your Mentor Day!” January has been designated National Mentoring Month, with today being the time to thank that special someone in your life who encouraged you, showed you the ropes, gave advice without expecting anything in return, and helped you become who you are today.  It could be a teacher, friend, relative, employer, coach, or a stranger.

How do you thank them? You could share it personally with them if you are able to do so, share it on your Social media, or drop a note or email to them letting them know how important they are in your life.

I have several from my past, and in my life right now, that I want to thank! Won’t you join me today and say “Thank You” to your special mentor? I know it will make their day and yours too! Love to hear from you about what you did to celebrate “Thank Your Mentor Day.”

“Simply” Sue

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