Motivational Speakers Still Need Points

Motivational Speaking Isn’t Just About Making People Feel Good

micI’m amazed at how many aspiring motivational speakers I meet who just want to get on a stage and make people feel good.


Well, here’s the first bucket of cold water: Nobody cares about that. And, even more important, nobody’s paying for that. I have yet to ever be called by a client who wants me to just come make them feel good.

So if you think your career will consist of you getting on a stage and telling them stories about yourself that make them laugh and cry, you have missed something very important. The point.

Motivational Speakers Need Points

I made the same mistake when I crossed over from professional storyteller to professional speaker. I figured I could just get up there and wow them with my wit and charm them with my stories. While this is still a BIG part of what I do, and the reason that gets me booked, it wasn’t enough. I needed points. I needed a message. I needed to teach my audience something.

The good news is that it’s not hard to find your message. In fact, I think you already  have them. They are your truths. The things you have learned. What life and business has taught you. You just haven’t had anyone help pull them out of you.

Whether you hire a speaker coach like me, or do it yourself, take the time to figure out the points you want to make. Understand the problem that you are here to solve. Know the steps you want to share with them to help them fix this problem. Make sure your language is encouraging and has a call to action.

Then you can focus on the wit and the stories.

If you need help finding the point, just let me know. Until then, happy soul searching!

Kelly SwansonKELLY SWANSON is an award-winning storyteller, comedian, author, motivational speaker. She has been described by Our State Magazine as one of North Carolina’s funniest women. She uses hilarious comedy, powerful stories, and a wacky cast of southern characters to make people laugh, remind them of their value, and show them how to stand up and stick out in their lives, businesses, and communities. Her shows have delighted audiences from coast to coast, from board rooms to cruise ships. To invite Kelly to your 2014 event, contact Sue Falcone at or call 1-888-766-3155.

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