Is there really such a thing as mind over matter?  Even with all the “Rags to Riches” stories that have inundated our media-driven society, I must admit, that at times, even I have become, somewhat, cynical.  But after hearing the story of a local icon, I must admit that I changed my mind.

Born with a debilitating disease, a recent acquaintance of mine, has spent nearly his entire life, confined to a wheelchair.  Through our intimate conversations, I learned that most of the conveniences that we take for granted, he, unfortunately, has never known.  Due to a lack of mobility and use of his limbs, he is dependent upon others for food administration, personal care and even hygiene.  Yet, even in this state of human dependency, he has managed to amass great wealth and arisen to levels of fame and international popularity.

To what does he attribute to his great fortune?  Early-on, he realized that his success in life was not relegated to the strength of his arms, nor to the mobility of his legs.  When asked the question, “how?”  He doesn’t respond with what he did.  He responds only with what he “knew.”

Now, ask yourself this question.  “What could a wealthy quadriplegic and someone like me have in common?”

The answer is simple.  It’s mind over matter.  “For as a man thinks in his heart, so is he (Pro.23:7).”  The question is no longer, “Why can’t you have?” but rather, “What do you have the faith to believe?”

Remember, that before anything can be birthed in the natural, it must first be conceived in the spirit.  Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking that you’re not good enough or smart enough or even talented enough to accomplish the goals that you’ve set for your life.  As the old adage goes, “It matters not what others say about you, what matters is what you believe.”

I must admit that I am inspired, not by my friend’s wealth or his fame, but, by the courage that he had to believe.  No matter how many people said that he couldn’t, he accomplished his goals simply by believing that he could.  In the end, the nay-sayers were probably still there, but, then, again…so was his dream.

Jackye Morrisey is a motivational speaker, educator and inspirational writer.  She has a genuine love for people and a passion for helping them achieve their goals.  Her new book, titled, Mind without Limits will be released in the latter part of September 2012.

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