The snow has come and gone, and is slowing melting away. The roads are clear and it is time to make the tradition of the treasured “snow cream.”  It’s the same thrill as meeting a daily goal in our business!

Some say “snow cream” is never done at the first snow of the season, but why should we wait? Will it harm us? Will we spread some disease, or is it because it does take a little time to gather the fresh frozen snow from outside in the cold, bring out the milk, sugar and vanilla extract, and then mix it all together until it looks like fresh mashed potatoes?  Then you must serve it quickly since it melts fast in the bowl.

Sure, perhaps things did get cancelled today, but should that prevent us from heading towards our goals with a passion and urgency?

The common thread about “snow cream” and our businesses is that we don’t know when they will return if we fail to make wise use of our time and talents.  We can lose the excitement of the moment if we decide to do something else instead of staying focused.

Today I believe, those of us who have the opportunity to make “snow cream” and share it, can combine doing that with keeping our businesses on track, even when this snow became a distraction we did not anticipate, nor plan for.

What is one thing you need to accomplish in your professional life today, in spite of the distraction and interruption of something unplanned?  Whether it is snow and cold or something else, there is still time to make sure your business goals are met today!

What’s stopping you?

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