Just read a post from a well know business owner, that had come to the hard part of life: letting go of a great project so they could better manage the other projects they already had going!  They had to face overcoming the “I want to do everything syndrome.”

Ever been in that trap, or maybe you are in it as you read this now?  Is today going to be your wake-up call to get out of that mode of living?

It is easy to get into that mindset of life, however the truth is we can’t do it all! We were not created to do everything, and we each were given the ability to make choices that would keep us focused on not having to do it all!

Is it time to step back and take a look at where you are headed?  Are you going to have to give up some “good things” to be able to keep your professional and personal life blended, balanced, and healthy for you, your family, and your business?

Today is a new beginning, and I want to be living in “the zone” I am supposed to be in; and learn to be content in knowing when “enough is enough!”  Want to join me?

“Simply” Sue


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