This is a big question many have been asking for a long time now. As we talk with people, we are hearing positive indications that say, YES, there is good work to be found.

On celebrating at Fun 4th we met a wonderful business owner who is hiring! He “re-fired” not “retired” and has more work than he can possibly do; thus he became an entrepreneur.

He shared:

 “There is work in our industry, which is painting homes; because people are updating instead of deciding to sell and move. We offer        affordable pricing, and keep our commitments. We work by referrals of our work: and I hire those who really want to do their best, no matter what the job requires.”     Richard.

While traveling we stopped at a small town local restaurant we have visited many times. Why?  Because they are friendly, have great food and wonderful prices.  While there the hostess greeted a customer with: “hi, glad to see you, we have been missing you, where have you been?”

As this seasoned gentleman sat down at a table next to ours, he replied:  “I have been busy working. Thought I was going to retire, but it is hard to get people to want to work, and I love what I do.”

Seizing upon his comments, I asked: “so you feel there is still work in America?”  My new friend, Wade, did not hesitate.

He replied: “Most definitely! One needs to have a positive attitude of wanting to work, willing to learn new skills, and be committed to finishing each project, no matter what it takes.”

He further explained he is now getting others hired and is staying on to train them. He refers those who come with good references of being willing to work.

Our news reports may give us a dismal picture of jobs in America; observations show there may be areas that are harder hit than others; but there are still job opportunities waiting for all of us.

Are we willing to do whatever it takes, committed to doing our best, and willing to learn new skills?   These are the unique mindsets that will secure you lifetime work, no matter your field of expertise.

Live your dream,




“Simply” Sue






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