payingattentionWith all our modern technology do you realize surveys say people are more lonely than ever? Why is that? Have we become so connected with our devices that we have lost the art of meeting face to face and paying attention to the other person first!

In my business “KIP” is so important, how about yours?  I have to “Keep It Personal” as we want to be the solutions generator for making our clients less stressful, provide memorable and practical content, and make them look like a “rock star” for choosing to do business with us!

How else can I do that without paying close attention to their needs, and listening carefully so that I can meet their expectations?  How about your business and your family interactions, are you fully engaged, living intentional, and paying attention?

Is this what is lacking today both in our professional and personal lives? When was the last time you felt someone really was paying attention to you? Let’s begin with each of us becoming known as one that pays attention and listens no matter what else is going on around and see the legacy we can leave of “Keeping it Personal!”

I was inspired to write this by remembering the powerful legacy of Joan Horner, co-founder of Premier Designs Inc. She lived a life of “keeping it personal” and paying attention to each person no matter where or what she was involved in!

What will your legacy be?

Sue Falcone
Sue Falcone



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