I know it is no surprise that there are many people you meet and see every day who do not like their jobs or even their lives. Perhaps you are one of them too!

Job satisfaction is at the lowest point in decades, money problems abound, good jobs and security are rare, and a smiling face is not one you see often. Is there anything we can do, or do we have the time to even care?

We can make a difference, but do we want to, not knowing how much it will cost?  When I awoke today I realized that no matter how tough it seems, or what the statistics say, we each still have a chance and a choice to begin again!

I recently met a lady, whom I will call Donna (not her real name),  that in all accounts should fall in the above bleak picture. She is a single Mom of two, care taker of her Mom and older brother, (who live with her), deep in debt, and has a weight problem. Not one you would like to meet, or become best friends with, is she?

The truth is, Donna came to me with a smile on her face, hope in her heart, a willingness to explore a better life, and wants to help others know they can change and win as she is beginning to do.

How can that happen? Donna made a choice to smile and see that she can begin again, and has discovered it doesn’t take a lot of money. She has seen that a change of attitude about the circumstances that surround her every day is the key place to start!

Donna is preparing to change the legacy of her life, and the family that depends on her. She is one that does not allow herself to be a victim, and is on the right track to take control and organize and manage her life. She has a strong faith in God, and knows that He has a plan and purpose for her, and she is off choosing to live it.  She is willing to sacrifice and do whatever it will take to win, knowing it is just not about her, but about so many others too!

My question for you today is:  are you willing to be like my new friend, Donna, and do whatever it will take to make changes in your life?  Or do you know others, that can be like “Donna,” if you were to offer a smile, and share how they can make it too?

The truth is we are all so blessed in spite of our current circumstances.  We can choose the right attitude and be on our way to new beginnings, or we can be part of the statistics saying there is no hope, and new beginnings do not exist. Which will you believe, choose and share today?


“Simply” Sue- owner of “Simply” Sue Speaks!

and author of The Lighthouse of Hope





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