happyAs an entrepreneur and small business owner, I am learning that I want to be defined more by my contentment than wealth or success!  Quite a different approach than most are pursuing, isn’t it? Not a popular road to travel when the mantra is ‘do more with less’ is it?  What we have come to associate  with ‘being content’ doesn’t sound like high and lofty enough goals, does it?

For me this has been a long journey of being driven and succeeding but still feeling it is not enough!   It has been a life long struggle at being balanced; but still feeling that my worth and success has to be earned daily which causes a direct ‘out of balance’ conflict!

How did I come to this moment in time where I realized contentment is the joy and real happiness of doing ‘what I love with those I love to do it with’ more than the outcome of those efforts?

Simply I realized “it’s not about me!”  Contentment comes from serving a God who loves me, and helping others succeed in the plan He has for them first, above what I would have as a plan for myself! I provide solutions with the gifts and talents I have been given, and it is time to live with that purpose and focus in mind.

To keep that mindset as I reflect at the end of the day, I find and think  about the ‘positive’ things that happened, not what wasn’t, didn’t, or the failures that I encountered! Keeping your mind set on the thoughts of what brings contentment is the key.

My grateful thanks goes to Dr. Joey Faucette www.ListentoLife.org who believed in me and showed me the truth of how to create a business and live in the world of being an Entrepreneur by being ‘positive’ and doing things different than others are willing to do!

Does this mean that I quit doing my best, having a solid business plan, rest on my successes, and live happily forever after with no problems or interruptions?  As an ‘over the top’ A personality that is not who I am; but it does mean I face the future with a different perspective and focus on what is really important and what is not!

Where are you in your journey? Is your business plan built on you or others? Do you have solutions that really work, or are you just in it for the money and recognition?  Can you listen to the song, “Happy” and relate to the experience?

I urge you to take a long, hard, honest look at yourself and what you have created as your lifework, and place contentment as the true measurement to really know if it is working for you!

Enjoy the trip, it is the only one you get!

“Simply” Sue

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