I have been a fan of “blogging” long before it was called by that name. My first “blog” was hand written in a little white book that came with a key so I could lock it and no one would ever know what I wrote in it, (especially my Mom)!

I remember keeping some of those for a long time; but gradually I let go of them. Why?  I am sure I felt they were only my thoughts, and who would be interested in anything I had to say?

The next phase in my writing came in the form of “journaling.” I began using those wire bound pads, and I kept them. I still have some dated from the 70’s. They graduated to those cute ones that came in all kinds of sizes, shapes, colors and patterns. Some even have my initials on the covers.

I have lots of them, and my husband wonders why I still hang onto them, after we have “simplified” everything else! There is just something about them that I am not quite ready to let go of yet.  Perhaps I feel my dream of writing a best-selling “novel” is hidden in those notebooks!  Wonder if I can read my hand writing, and understand the thoughts that are contained in those many boxes stored in my office closet?

I still manage to take some time to journal most days and keep my thoughts in hand written form. I have graduated and use many of the new electronic marvels, such as an iPad; but I still need to feel the touch of a black pen meeting a sheet of white paper. They are welcome additions to the ones stored in the boxes in my office closet. My blogging ideas usually come from these moments lost in thought.

With over 70 million blogs in circulation on the internet world wide, there are many different forms, purposes, and topics from which a reader can choose.

I love reading blogs and getting to know the people who represent a company or are my new friends and have a passion for sharing their heart-felt thoughts with me.

In today’s culture blogs need to be easy to read with great content, no more than 300-600 words, and have some visuals to keep the readers’ attention. The unique element about a blog is they are interactive, with the reader being encouraged to comment on them, and follow them on a consistent basis.  We love to hear your feedback, and make new friends.

It is now thought for a business to be successful it needs a well written blog to communicate with its’ previous, current, and to attract future customers. It puts a personal face to your product or service, and is a great marketing tool. Blogging now reaches so many that it has replaced the weekly or monthly newsletter.

In learning how to be a good blogger I want to help people become successful, and give them hope and encouragement for life. Blogs help us establish creditability as an expert in our fields, and gives our readers the opportunity to know us on a personal level.  We can also share the stage, by inviting guest bloggers as well.

Is blogging here to stay? Most experts say it is, and that it will only grow, becoming the new “diaries” of this century. Is it time for you to let us see your thoughts, passion, and hear about your products and services? No more storing them in your closet!


  “Simply” Sue

  Owner-“Simply” Sue Speaks!

  Author- The Lighthouse of Hope


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