Recently I was told by a much admired colleague: “Sue, you really are “consistent” in all you say and do.”  I wasn’t sure whether to say thank you, or ask him to take me on as a client and help me change!

I decided to respond with a “thank you” and see what happened. I was surprised as he said: “Sue, make sure you do a blog on this, and coach your team at “Simply” Sue Speaks! to develop this quality.”

I excitedly set about thinking what being consistent meant, how it helps us in our professional and personal lives, and what does one have to do to develop and maintain it.

I found this quote as I approached the topic: “The values of the Walt Disney Company: The four C s: Curiosity, Confidence, Courage, Consistency.”

Wow, if the Disney company thinks consistency is a top value to have, we are on to something here!

When we think about being consistent what are the first things that come to mind?  How about focused, disciplined, reliable, or dependable?

In business aren’t these what we need to have to be successful?  In our personal lives won’t these help us become better spouses, parents, grandparents, and friends?

I shared these thoughts with one of my accountability partners, and the first questions asked were: Does being more consistent take away creativity and being able to think outside the box? Or what about being able to face and adapt easily to change?

Good questions to raise, don’t you think? As in all good qualities and values, don’t we always risk the chance of overdoing it, and therefore creating something that it is impossible to be and maintain?  Then what happens?  Yes, we give it up and quit!

Here are 3 things that will help us have more consistency and also guard against letting it prevent us from being all we were created and have the potential to become.

1.         Find yourself a good accountability partner that will ask the hard questions, and share the difficult things we need to face without judgment.

2.         Plan and de-clutter your life so that you have less to manage. Less is best.

3.         Don’t quit when Plan A doesn’t work, know there is always a good Plan B waiting for you to find it.

Have a great week, and would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on being more consistent.

   “Simply” Sue Falcone is the owner of “Simply” Sue Speaks! representing the best Speakers, Trainers, Life Coaches, and Authors on the Planet



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