I Wonder“Can’t GROW yourself until you KNOW yourself.”  John Maxwell

Happy “Wonder” Wednesday!   I wonder……………………. should doctors be concerned about patient satisfaction and giving great patient service?  Or is it just “accepted” that they have no “bedside manner” and we can’t expect it? 

Should they be aware and listen to the comments being posted at patient review sites?  Should they crave our feedback, just as most professions seek from their audiences, clients, customers, and consumers? 

I am blessed with great health, so I have not had to deal a lot with the current medical scene until recently!  I have an awesome dentist, eye doctor, and urologist, so I thought I was set! But one never knows until you face a real medical issue, do you? 

Up to now, I didn’t even know you could place a patient rating on line!  A real “Angie’s List” that you don’t have to subscribe to! Going forward it looks like we need to take control of our medical care and be willing to learn, ask, and seek the right medical advice for what we need, and expect to be “WOWED” with patient service, or be willing to take our body somewhere else!  We expect it from other services, why not from our medical community?

Love to hear your comments on this “hot” topic! 

“Simply” Sue

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