It’s never too late to get started making your fire work. Sometimes it just takes some motivation and commitment to develop a plan or series of steps you need to navigate to get that fire going. Other times what you really need is to slow down, absorb life around you, take a break, reconnect and give your fire space to flourish.

People with passion often have difficulty if they are not constantly “on” regarding their product or services. But I know how vital a break can be. Just a small change in the routine, a small time without social media availability, a little diversion and escape can clear the cobwebs, infuse new ideas and get those creative juices flowing with incredible clarity.

Sometimes what makes your fire work is to not work,  allowing time for passions to simmer gently rather than constantly be roaring. a real break. I find answers for removing obstacles which I could have never discovered when I was in the midst of them daily and by the time I return to “real” life and routine, I am excited to blow new dreams into that blaze and get it spreading.

If you feel like you have been fanning flames to the point of exhaustion, perhaps its time for you to let yourself refresh, reconnect and return to the part of life called ‘ordinary’ where cell phones are replaced by face to face connection and Twitter feeds and Facebook posts are put on hold for lazy days drenched in the inspiration of watching a hermit crab instead of a brilliant speaker.

Do you need to take a break and put your passion into simmer so you can fire it up?

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