great mondayIs Monday always a great day for you?  I looked for articles to help us see how, and you know what?  The ones I found didn’t give me the push that I was looking for all of us! So thought the best thing I can do is to share my collaborations from my team here at “Simply” Sue Speaks! on how to have a great Monday!

  1. Be Positive!      Dr. Joey- It is a choice, but you can, and you must!    
  2. Take action!     Carol Caffarel- Have a busy plan and get going  
  3.  Move!             Halcyon MacKnight-Exercise, eat healthy, and have hope 
  4.  Be Teachable!  Janet Harllee-Look for the learning experience out of all you face   
  5.  Help Others!    “Simply” Sue-Keeps your mind focused in right direction

Are you ready now to begin a successful week by having a great Monday?  Love to hear how these tips worked for you! Feel free to look around our site and see more about our team!  

“Simply” Sue 

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