It is said 81% of all people want to write a book, but how many ever do it? The percentage has increased with technology; but still most of you will never get around to it!

I grew up reading and writing to escape the trauma of abuse, and to further my education. When I began my career with AT&T they saw potential and invested time, resources, and excellent training to give me the opportunity to use my gifts. I was blessed and am forever grateful for the many mentors and all the experiences and benefits that career has provided to me.

As that journey ended I decided I wanted a different challenge. I entered into the world of direct sales and became a leader in the jewelry business. Again, I was still doing all that I loved: reading, writing, training, and doing sales and marketing to help others live their dreams. After going through some major changes in my life: dealing with my past, losing over 150 pounds, and clearing $180,000 in debt; I felt it was time to complete my ultimate dream of being a PAID Professional Speaker and Author!

I had begun a book, which evolved into a daily devotional on how to face and overcome fear! I decided to give up my jewelry business and launch my third career! I was going to become the next best-selling author of a book based on what God had to say about fear, and how my life had been changed by facing and overcoming my fears-His way, and be able to speak on that topic everywhere! I had not lost my sales skills because my husband encouraged me to follow the dream.

Did it happen as I envisioned it?  Not exactly!! In looking back I realized before you enter the writing and speaking industry you need to decide: are you a writer who speaks, or a speaker who writes?  This is key to the career path you will need to take. Yes, writers you will need to speak, and yes, speakers you will need to write! 

Once I determined that, there are three things I learned a potential author and speaker need to have in place before you begin the journey! If you do not the chance of you being successful in this industry is very slim, and most end up leaving when the challenges come! 

1.          Have a written business plan before you quit your day job. – Have your vision/dream and goals simple and clear for you to understand and communicate; and have a specific plan for: time management, fee schedule, cash flow, defining your target markets, marketing, social media, and training.  Do your homework on publishing your book. Investigate all options, and make sure you have a good CPA and attorney in place to help you avoid overlooking any of the fine print and details. I failed big time in the publishing area, but it has shown me how to help others avoid the loss! 

2.          Know your industry.  The industry of professional speaking and writing has changed! And so has our audiences and culture!  Creativity and uniqueness is key to being competitive!  Remember I was headed into one defined target market of faith based audiences and readers?  I quickly added other avenues, as the income was limited in that closely defined market. You will also need to know how to market to this industry. The paid market is tough and competitive, but very rewarding and fulfilling!  

3.         Be Flexible.  Don’t think you have to be perfect or everything has to go your way all the time!  Take the time to enjoy the adventure and how it may take you into a different direction; and be willing to change and go there!  I am a recovering perfectionist and workaholic so I know the value of being flexible!

Where have I ended up in pursuing my dream?  My book, The Lighthouse of Hope-A Day by Day Journey to Fear Free Living, is a beautiful book, did get published and has done well. It has helped many people, and has sold all over the world! It is newly revised in a new Kindle version, and is currently ranked 102,129 on Amazon, and receiving amazing ratings, thanks to many of you!

I created a branding presence of being “Simply” Sue in the colors of teal and lime green! I have enjoyed all the many places and people I have had the honor and privilege of being in front of; but now I have a fourth career.  

Less than a year ago I created a company called “Simply” Sue Speaks! where I book, market and promote the best Professional Paid Speakers, Trainers, Life Coaches, and Authors on the Planet! “We bring the “WOW” factor to your next event!”  We are a unique team focused company, and it is a joy and honor to help this special hand-picked group fulfill their dreams of being a speaker and author; and negotiate for them the fees they so richly deserve and earn! 

Currently I have fifteen on my team, with the majority being both a speaker/trainer/coach and a published author. We are all learning together the ever-changing world around us, how to keep doing what we love and are skilled to do, and earn the income we need to stay in business and live.

Even with all the challenges I have encountered, and the many more I am sure to come; I love being in this place and time now, in the industry I can still impact and make a difference, and journeying with a group of special people to meet your needs! You can become the author and speaker you long to be either “full-time or part-time; but never NO TIME!” 

“Simply” Sue Falcone is the owner of “Simply” Sue Speaks! She is passionate about being a “Pioneer” entrepreneur in the industry and loves creating and pursuing new markets for her Team. “No event is too large or small for us!”

Meet her speakers,trainers,coaches, and authors here at this site!